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    Happy Birthday Fmj!

    Thanks guys. I definitely feel a year older
  2. Firemanjim

    Buck Video

    Are the timings and everything functioning like you want it Bob?
  3. Firemanjim

    Happy Birthday Pdskal

    Happy Birthday Paul
  4. Firemanjim

    First Two S600 Build Pics

    Nice looking builds...
  5. What you are doing sounds like it will be a far better product than what we done. Can't wait to see it.
  6. Chris 212 helped me do this a few years back with the "Turtle Cams" I built for those biologists up in Maine. Here is the laser we used: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Seco-Larm-Enforcer...O0AAOSwMmBVzXBS It requires a 12v battery. Worked quite well. Never got 90 feet out of it. I think about 37 feet was the most.
  7. Firemanjim

    Wtb Build

    I have a nice s600 regular hack I would sale. $165.00 tyd
  8. Firemanjim

    Dxg 125

    Electronics123 has a BB24 type lens with the filter in it...I would simply order one. Screw out the old and put in the new
  9. Firemanjim

    Anyone Ever Use One?

    I designed one but never had the time to play with it....A member over on DIY played with it some but we never could get it to put out the Amps a Sony Point and Shoot required to operate...
  10. Firemanjim

    Anyone Ever Use One?

    The circuit itself consumes too much power. TOTALLY USELESS FOR HOMEBREW CAMERAS!!
  11. Firemanjim

    Crittergetter Pl200ir Build In Progress

    Looks AWESOME Paul....
  12. Firemanjim

    Change Cds

    Take a sharpie black magic marker and color half of the cds black. Should resolve your problem.
  13. Firemanjim

    Vivitar 3700 Puzzle

    Take the r Davis board out of the loop. Hook flash board up directly to 6v. Is cap charging now? If yes will touching trigger wires does it fire? If cap is not charging then it is within the 3700 board. Or bad cap. Process of elemination.....
  14. Firemanjim

    Vivitar 3700 Puzzle

    Is the flash cap charging? Will it fire if you touch the two trigger wires together?
  15. Firemanjim

    2015 Blackflash Revisited

    In my program where people want still pictures at night in blackflash I simply turned on the array before powering on the camera. I would leave the array on in trail mode allowing the camera to snap a picture whenever it sensed movement and turned off the array after the camera turned off. In my opinion it takes the led a full second to reach maximum brightness using a constant current driver like the Buck Block. Battery consumption seemed no worse than running the camera in video mode. But even with the DXG125 most of the still pictures had motion blur if the critter moved any at all.
  16. Firemanjim

    2015 Blackflash Revisited

    The DXG125 takes still photos as well as video. I have built several units using the spare opto on the Critter Getter PRO that will do color still pics during the day and ir blackflash video in 720p HD at night. The Sony point and shoots do not see the light AT ALL!! PERIOD. Have not tried a 503. The three of us spent and wasted so much money playing and testing this stuff it was crazy. With Rick Gray's help we PERFECTED the led array and driver. It works great. But the dxg is still the camera of choice in my book. And since I done a tutorial for everyone on how to get the lenses perfectly level they should be fairly easy for anyone to build.
  17. Firemanjim

    2015 Blackflash Revisited

    I build blackflash video cameras every week using the DXG125. Completely blackflash using 940nm leds. Actually the exact led that reconyx uses from the exact same supplier. Myself, EgbertDavis, and BowGod tested this stuff for over a year before we finally got it right. I sale the led arrays and drivers on my website. I will be glad to answer any questions anyone has.
  18. Firemanjim

    Heard From One Of Our Friends Today

    Maybe we can do the Christmas Auctions again this year and the money go to Joe????
  19. Firemanjim

    Time Lapse Like A Plotwatcher?

    You need a high megapixel camera to have the ability to zoom in on the critters that you capture way out there if you want to be able to see any head gear clearly.
  20. Firemanjim

    Time Lapse Like A Plotwatcher?

    The time lapse units I have built I used the Sony H55 due to its ability to take the extremely large SD cards. Most folks want a picture every 2 minutes or so seemed the most popular. I have built a lot of these units for the California Department of Transportation. They set them up on road and bridge projects and wanted them to take a picture every hour so they could track work progression. Hope this helps...
  21. Firemanjim

    Changing Ssii From Type 3 To Type 2

    The chip on the board has to be reprogrammed. Or you can simply buy another chip from Gary and plug it in.
  22. Firemanjim

    Ralph's Dad

    Prayers going up Brother!!!
  23. Firemanjim

    W200 And Slavepro 1 Finished!

    Let me know if you don't get the problem resolved. I will send you a new SlavePRO1 if you need me to....
  24. Firemanjim


    Work the POT back and forth a few times.