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    Live From The Stand...2014

    I am running a video camera for a friend video taping his hunt. I never once stated that I was hunting. I said that I was in a stand in a heater body suit. I have lied about nothing. I have broken no laws. What have I done to create so much hatred toward me from you guys???
  2. Firemanjim

    Hunting The Iowa Rut!

    I never stated that I was hunting. I am in a stand running a video camera for some friends. You are correct. I did not have the preference points to draw a non resident tag. Once again.... Everyone is headhunting after Fireman Jim.
  3. Firemanjim

    Live From The Stand...2014

    It's a balmy 7 degrees here in the stand this morning. Good morning Salem, Iowa!!!! Thank God for Heater Body Suits. They are awesome!!!
  4. Firemanjim

    P41 Screen Messing

    Clean the lcd ribbon with denatured alcohol real good. Should fix your problem.
  5. Firemanjim

    Happy Birthday Bowgod02!

    Happy Birthday Brother!!!
  6. Firemanjim

    Live From The Stand...2014

    11 degrees in the tree this morning in Iowa......
  7. Firemanjim

    W230 Troubles With Battery Life

    I am betting you have a short in the power wire going to the positive on the internal camera battery. Put a ohm meter on battery positive and battery negative down inside the camera and tells us what the resistance is.......
  8. Firemanjim

    Saying Goodbye To Mother

    So sorry to hear about your mom Randall. God Bless and prayers going up for you Brother!!!
  9. Chip is a Picaxe 20M2 Here is the pin out information:
  10. Designed it to use with a HPWA lens so as to perfectly align the PIR to the Sweet Spot on the HPWA......
  11. Well a few of you know about this because you have either helped in the designing of it or you have been testing one and the other components. First let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to Rick Gray, DKirk, Ghoot, and BigBassMan for helping with the design and the Picaxe codes to run this thing. Another huge THANK YOU to JohnnyDeerHunter and Charles "BuckShot164" Garrett for helping with the testing. This board was designed to fill a few needs in my builds. Lots of my customers wanted a control board that would run on 3 AA batteries. I also wanted to eliminate the need for numerous add on boards so this board has the mosfets already on it. I also wanted the ability to control a exchanger without using the cheap exchanger circuit boards that was always failing. This board with the sound/exchanger board makes a video build super easy to wire up. The new and improved sound/exchanger board also has a POT on it so you can adjust the gain right from the board instead of changing resistors. It runs off the Picaxe 20M2 chip and can be programmed from the top side so no need to remove the board to program it. It has the 2 dip switches on the PIR side to select from the Type 1 - 4 basic camera timings if using it for still pics. If it has the video programming on it these two switches control either DXG567 or DXG125 camera timings and the other controls day mode only or 24 hour mode. On the topside of the board you have a 4 position dip switch that controls delays, trailmode or feeder mode, or daymode or 24 hour mode if running the still pic programming. If running the video programming it controls the length of videos and delay between videos. The PIR sensitivity is phenominal and we are getting accurate triggering out to 80' with very few false triggering. Also has a spot for attaching a external switch if you want that. Ralph and Rick were a HUGE help when we ran into coding issues and another big THANKS to those two.....
  12. Firemanjim

    Retired Today. Yahoo!

    Congratulations Ralph!!!I have a little over 7 years left to go on a fire truck and I can retire at 52......I hope it plays out that way too.
  13. Firemanjim

    Bigfoot Board & Jazz ~ Board Problem

    Work the POT that controls the sensitivity from one stopping point to the other a few times.....
  14. I have been super busy these last few weeks building camera units. Here is 6 of the 12 units ordered by the King's Ranch in south Texas. 5 are Turbo Tomahawks S600's and 1 is a Pack Rat W200 Sony. Here is 2 of the Camo Cadillac IR units with Slave flashes going to the University of Maine's Biology Department. They have the laser trip-wire modules with them as well. They will use these to do a study of "ALL ANIMALS" using the culberts that run under federal interstates to cross the interstates. The laser trip wire will activate the camera when a turtle or other cold blooded animal comes through and the PIR sensor will trigger on any larger animal that might step over the laser trip wire. Pretty neat units.
  15. Firemanjim

    New W100ir Crittter Getter Build

    Glad the new control board is working great. I think we finally got all the bugs worked out in it. The build looks great as always.
  16. Firemanjim

    Big Sale!

    Money is there!!! JTS Wildlife Cameras Jim Sanders 876 Isbell Lane Decherd, TN 37324
  17. Firemanjim

    Big Sale!

    I will take the DXG-567 and the DXG-125v ......so $60 sent to what PayPal acct as a gift????
  18. Here is a few Sony H70 pics taken in California by one of my biologist clients. Sony DSC-H70 camera with no slave. Critter Getter Still Pic control board with HPWA fresnel. Pics are of a Mountain Beaver and a Mountain Vole.
  19. Firemanjim

    Haven't Posted Anything For Awhile

    Nice Pics Don!! Hope you are healing up nicely!!
  20. Firemanjim

    Congratulations Bowgod

    Congratulations Brother!!!
  21. Firemanjim

    Happy Birthday Egbertdavis

    Happy Birthday DAVIS
  22. Firemanjim

    Camera Recomendations?

    I would build a Sony W100. Flash very very close to a S600 and the 10mp needed for food plot zooming. Why do you not want to pair it with a slave???
  23. Firemanjim

    Dxg 567 Will Not Record

    If the record button on the camera won't make it record than it is the camera itself.
  24. I will take the s600's you have!!!! How many and price???? Where do I send the money???
  25. Firemanjim

    Need Help With Kit98 Static

    Give the ground from the externals to the ground of the kit 98 and that will alleviate your problem.