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    I'm alive!

    Hello Hag's Family! I wanted to give you all an update in regard to my lack of activity around here the past 6 months or so. My health has been great along with family too. After the New Year, I couldn't prioritize the time needed to navigate the forums like I once did the past 5 years. 3 kids in high school activities, entrepreneur work opportunities, local community volunteering & family travel limited my time dedicated to cam trapping. Navigating forums became very lean. I want to hear from you. Post up, send me a message, whatever works, let me know what you've been up to! -Paul
  2. Welcome bluebill. Sounds like an interesting ecology project. Could you provide a little more info on the cameras you have that need modification? Do you have all the mod parts for the 50 cameras?
  3. pdskal

    Hog Thinning

    Kudos my friend!
  4. pdskal

    Happy Birthday Pdskal

    Thanks again guys. Went to lunch with the wife, then ordered pizza and had cake for dinner with the kids. Feeling good!
  5. pdskal

    Happy Birthday Pdskal

    Been a good one so far! Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!!!
  6. Where's the snow? Critters are happy.
  7. Now that was great. A perfect reward to time well spent camtrapping!
  8. pdskal

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone a great start to 2017!
  9. Wishing all members a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season! Thank you for being part of the Homebrew community! A community forum would not be what it is without you! Merry Christmas from Paul & John!!!! pdskal & Badgerbuckhunter
  10. pdskal

    Sony P41 Ir Mod

    Every attempt that I tried to scrape, it never came off. I must of gotten the stubborn ones. ;). Glad to hear your success story.
  11. pdskal

    18650 Heated Insoles

    Warm feet! Happy feet! Thanks for sharing Bill.
  12. I wish I could help! Those buggers tend to get lost in the woods...
  13. Way to go on the successful harvest.
  14. Looks like the pics loaded up for you. You have some thick rutted up bucks there.
  15. pdskal

    P41 Not Storing Pics

    How is this cam hacked? Shutter assembly? Servo? Stereo plug? Check for continuity with your meter on the shutter wire. Maybe some frayed or broken wire(s) from use over the years.
  16. pdskal

    Young Buck Scrape

    Moved it for you, great looking daytime footage.
  17. pdskal

    Happy Turkey Day

    Enjoy the day with family & friends! Give thanks!
  18. pdskal

    Trouble Logging In

    Thanks for the update John!
  19. Great story befus! Congrats on the successful harvest.
  20. pdskal

    You Can't See Me

    He can run, but can't hide!
  21. pdskal

    My Brothers Bow Booner

    Way to go on that spectacular harvest! Great Job to your brother! I might have to drive over and see this with my own eyes! ;). What a brute!
  22. Man was I pumped when I saw this 10 point quickly working his way towards my treestand Sunday morning. I've passed up several deer this season, but Sunday I decided I couldn't give this guy a free pass. Walked by at 14 yards and I double lunged him. Went 50 yards and piled up. Yes!!!!! Had a tenderloin feast Sunday night with the family, butter & onions never tasted so good. Here are a few pics of the successful harvest.
  23. At first glance from the tree as he was working towards me, I thought this was one of the big 10 points I had pics of near this stand location. The G4's are a little shorter than some other bucks around. I looked back at my pics and I don't have a pic of this buck. There is a P41IR out yet that I haven't checked in a while. He may be on that card. It goes to show you how bucks expand their range during the rut.
  24. I love scrape pics. Magical time of year! Thanks for sharing.
  25. pdskal

    S600.. Need Help

    Did you try and stick a set of lithiums in the internals to try to get it started. Sometimes the extra voltage may help?