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    I grew up Hunting with My father and brothers and back then if we wanted meat the only available source for it was in the Woods.I tell my boys I did know what beef tasted Like until I went to a McDonald's when I was about 18 and they think I was Kidding! They were the Good old days in that we were all together, but there were Other days also.<br /> I have a Super wife and 2 Great son's who are now young men, that I look at and could just bust I'm so proud of them.
  1. Random Stuff From The Last Two Card Checks

    Darn good Variety there , Great Pics..
  2. Moose==cow==bull

    Yes great to see the Moose Pics, I also must get the Camera's back out!
  3. Happy Birthday Mattpatt

    Hey Matt hope you have a good one For Sure!!!
  4. My Day In Hell

    I just cannot imagine...scary stuff indeed!!
  5. Ran A Few Card Checks Yesterday

    yes the "Cat pics" are always special I think also
  6. Custom Painted Fishing Baits

    I wish you lived closer ..they look Great !
  7. The Best From Todays Card Checks

    Them Fawn pictures steal the Show.!!!
  8. Grandson's Largemouth Mount

    looks Like you did a fine job on that Mount.
  9. Recent Stuff From The Homebrews

    They sure are clear crisp pics, them cams are "dialed ' in
  10. Almost Done

    That build is very neat , Good Work
  11. Almost A Six Week Set

    Picture# 4 that Deer has some following of Flies around its rump.! them Pics are super clear shots.
  12. New Stuff From The 6-6 Card Checks

    Great pic of the fawn
  13. Some Bobcat Pics

    Cat's are neat critters to target. I mostly get mine on any log Crossing a stream, they hate to get their feet wet!!!
  14. I'm Back... Kind Of...

    I seen a picture of you in another form a Matt and I thought you had lost a pile of weight now I know why! glad things are getting on track for you Matt!!
  15. That is late for sure .. Good to see some Brown country side also, Good variety as well