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  1. Panzer

    Random Stuff From The Last Two Card Checks

    Darn good Variety there , Great Pics..
  2. Panzer


    Yes great to see the Moose Pics, I also must get the Camera's back out!
  3. Panzer

    Happy Birthday Mattpatt

    Hey Matt hope you have a good one For Sure!!!
  4. Panzer

    My Day In Hell

    I just cannot imagine...scary stuff indeed!!
  5. Panzer

    Ran A Few Card Checks Yesterday

    yes the "Cat pics" are always special I think also
  6. Panzer

    Custom Painted Fishing Baits

    I wish you lived closer ..they look Great !
  7. Panzer

    The Best From Todays Card Checks

    Them Fawn pictures steal the Show.!!!
  8. Panzer

    Grandson's Largemouth Mount

    looks Like you did a fine job on that Mount.
  9. Panzer

    Recent Stuff From The Homebrews

    They sure are clear crisp pics, them cams are "dialed ' in
  10. Panzer

    Almost Done

    That build is very neat , Good Work
  11. Panzer

    Almost A Six Week Set

    Picture# 4 that Deer has some following of Flies around its rump.! them Pics are super clear shots.
  12. Panzer

    New Stuff From The 6-6 Card Checks

    Great pic of the fawn
  13. Panzer

    Some Bobcat Pics

    Cat's are neat critters to target. I mostly get mine on any log Crossing a stream, they hate to get their feet wet!!!
  14. Panzer

    I'm Back... Kind Of...

    I seen a picture of you in another form a Matt and I thought you had lost a pile of weight now I know why! glad things are getting on track for you Matt!!
  15. That is late for sure .. Good to see some Brown country side also, Good variety as well
  16. Panzer

    Happy Birthday Panzer!

    it been awhile . but it is because of the snow, we have a ton of it Here and I am in the snow business .. thanks for the happy wishes!!
  17. Panzer

    P41 Stuff From 1/26

    Hard to beat them old P41s .. Good variety of Pics their
  18. They are awesome pics Great job on getting them!!
  19. Panzer

    Feathered Friends

    That Cardinal shot is sweet!! they are really scarce up this way!
  20. Panzer


    That is a good catch getting fisher pictures. It has been a year or 2 that I had one coming to a bait Pile.
  21. Panzer

    Happy Birthday Duncan

    Yes sir DD have a great Day!!
  22. Panzer

    Finally Got A Nice One

    Good Job on the "Target" buck Matt
  23. Panzer


    Great News
  24. Panzer

    New Pics

    That Deer Just give me the shivers looking at them Pictures what a frigg'n Deer !!
  25. Panzer

    Bluegill Mount

    Great work Ralph . You got a couple of talented hands There!!