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      Thanks to all who contributed, we collected just under $500.00. I sent a check Monday (8-7-2017) to his wife for $500.00 along with a card expressing Forums condolences. 


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  1. Does - Nikon D90\35mm lens\Safari Board
  2. Feral Hog - Nikon D90\35mm lens\Safari Board Matt
  3. Feral Hog - Nikon D90\35mm lens\Safari Control Board
  4. I know everyone here likes homebrew and heck I do too but commercial cams are catching up! I have a commercial cam with a 6v battery (paid $100 for the cam and home brewed the battery pack). With a solar panel connected to this setup I get a cam that works indefinitely. No changing batteries e.v.e.r Again, I love my homebrews as much as the next guy but for cost and reliability if you need a very long term build this may be the way to go. Matt
  5. I have access to a 3D printer. Would there be a market in the homebrew community for custom 3D printed parts such as snorkels, mounting brackets, etc? Trying to see if the demand would be there before investing time drawing up 3D models and building prototypes. Matt
  6. https://www.oshpark.com/shared_projects/RkAQxcGw I can confirm that these work with the standard standoffs and HPWA that Gary sells on his website. Matt
  7. Another vid...
  8. About 20 minutes. Takes a lot a hour to charge a battery. Matt
  9. They are so much fun. The weather was terrible today so the bird was grounded. Looks to be much of the same thing tomorrow. The thing I like most about it is the ability to fly it FPV which means you see on tbr screen what the camera sees in real time. Allows you to fly out of sight. There is also a come home feature where if you get in trouble and you can't fly it back manually. A press of tbr button on the controller causes the drone to climb to 100' in altitude and fly home via gps and land at whatever you set the home coordinates to. Matt
  10. Matt
  11. Thats interesting Matt....are you saying I can put an sd card in and transfer the pics directly to my phone.....is there an app needed on the phone to do that? Thanks Yes you take the card out of the camera and insert it into the mediashare device. You connect to it via wifi and then use an app to pull the pics off or view them. Matt
  12. My only complaint is that the cards don't stay in the holder real well. When you go to open it back up the ones that have become dislodged while traveling or whatever tend to fall out.
  13. I use one of these. Works with just about any phone or tablet that has Wifi. Works pretty good and also can charge your phone if your battery is low and you have the charging cable with you. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/verbatim-media...kuId=1310193949 Matt
  14. Here's a few from a L11. Decent day pics mediocre night pics. Produces loud noise when lens extends. I moved on to better cameras... Matt
  15. Good to hear from you Gary. Glad everything is okay. Matt