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  1. I know everyone here likes homebrew and heck I do too but commercial cams are catching up! I have a commercial cam with a 6v battery (paid $100 for the cam and home brewed the battery pack). With a solar panel connected to this setup I get a cam that works indefinitely. No changing batteries e.v.e.r


    Again, I love my homebrews as much as the next guy but for cost and reliability if you need a very long term build this may be the way to go.



  2. Those things look so fun!


    They are so much fun. The weather was terrible today so the bird was grounded. Looks to be much of the same thing tomorrow. The thing I like most about it is the ability to fly it FPV which means you see on tbr screen what the camera sees in real time. Allows you to fly out of sight. There is also a come home feature where if you get in trouble and you can't fly it back manually. A press of tbr button on the controller causes the drone to climb to 100' in altitude and fly home via gps and land at whatever you set the home coordinates to.



  3. I use one of these. Works with just about any phone or tablet that has Wifi. Works pretty good and also can charge your phone if your battery is low and you have the charging cable with you.







    Thats interesting Matt....are you saying I can put an sd card in and transfer the pics directly to my phone.....is there an app needed on the phone to do that? Thanks



    Yes you take the card out of the camera and insert it into the mediashare device. You connect to it via wifi and then use an app to pull the pics off or view them.



  4. I'm good guys. Thanks for the concern. :) I ran out of a few things all at once, SSII's, white lenses and rectangular slave flash material all in the same week, so I'm a little behind on orders. Will have the SSII's and lenses in probably Thursday or Friday.


    I also have a pile of repairs that I know some of you are waiting on. Sorry fellas, got myself stretched thin and have only got to hunt 3 times this year. :huh: Gonna try to get most of that caught up this weekend....but rifle opens this weekend for us, soooooo, well see. B)


    Not sure what is up with the site. I got your message Gadestroyer74, but checked the site and it was up, so I figured it was good. Concerns me that it has apparently been down a few times. I'll check with GoDaddy and see if they know what's up.



    Good to hear from you Gary. Glad everything is okay.



  5. His inbox has been full for a while. I have had contact with him within the past 2 weeks using his email address.

    I also ordered some stuff last week and I don't normally get a message to say it's been shipped....it just turns up.



    I don't get shipping notices either but I expected my order to already be here since I'm in Texas and he's in Oklahoma. Then everything else that happened had me concerned that something may have happened to him.



  6. Placed a order last week and haven't received it yet. Tried to PM and his inbox is full. His website was down earlier this afternoon but I see its back up now. I sent him a email but thought I'd post here too. Maybe he'll see it or maybe someone knows something.





  7. Interesting but that would be alot of pictures to view, would be nice if it could be hooked to a motion detector or something and not be terribly slow?


    In theory one could hack one of these...




    Connect it to a PICAXE and a PIR. When PIR detects motion the PICAXE "presses" the button on the wireless shutter telling the phone to take a pic. Now I'm not sure what would be involved on the programming side of things to get the pics off the phone and uploaded to dropbox automatically. Seems like I remember the dropbox app having a feature that will automaticall upload new pic taken from your phone as long as it is open in the background.




  8. Yeah I knew Moultrie had made one. In all honesty I probably could have just bought one and not spent much more than what I have in this one but I like building stuff. $25 for the timer caught on clearance + $13.61 for Chinese motor + $6 PVC and misc hardware = $44.61. For $70 I can get the feeder and bucket.

  9. Here's something a little different I've been working on. I had a old 9V Magnum Feeder Digital timer laying around. Never did really like the thing because it would only run on 9V. You could put a 6V battery on it but it wouldn't turn the motor very fast. So I've been thinking about how to make a quiet automatic feeder that would make a minimal amount of noise and drop the corn in a pile below the feeder. I found a high torque 18rpm DC motor on ebay and got everything mounted yesterday. There's still a few issues to work out but basically the PVC sets right below the opening in the bottom of the barrel and spins slowly when the motor is activated. Running at 6v you can barely hear this thing and probably won't be able to hear it when the corn is falling. The whole idea for a silent feeder is that some deer are skiddish around things that make noise even if they do get used to it over time. Check out the video..




    Now I need to come up with a catchy name for my new contraption. Seems Silent Feeder or Ghost Feeder has already been used...




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