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  1. wi_yakker

    Radio Shack Going Outa Business?

    I was in the one in Darboy today and everything was 50-70% off.The ones they are closing are liquidating everything is what the cashier told me.
  2. wi_yakker

    S40/yeti Problem

    I would try to jump the common to the power at the board to make sure the hack wires are still good first.
  3. wi_yakker

    Any One Build Complete Cameras?

    There's a couple for sale in the classifieds here also.
  4. wi_yakker

    Yeti Board Question

    It will work.I've used the s600 with the s4o board and it has worked fine.
  5. wi_yakker

    P32 Build

    Very nice build.The p32 is still one of the best out there.
  6. Pain is temporary.Best of luck with the rehab.
  7. wi_yakker

    Video Cam Question

  8. wi_yakker

    What's Up With This Doe?

    Yep,just shedding.It's finally that time of year.
  9. wi_yakker

    Otterbox Lining Removal?

    I just peel the lining out and use adhesivr remover to get off the tape.If you take your time it comes out in one piece.
  10. wi_yakker

    First Build Done :)

    Nice build.Everyone's first should be a P32.Solid and dependable.
  11. wi_yakker

    W5 Ir Build

    Very cool build.Where did you put the motion switch for the LCD board?
  12. wi_yakker

    Garmin Etrex Vista

    I'll take it then.
  13. wi_yakker

    P41 Build

    Looks good.That is some cool looking camo.I love DDs too.