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  1. Radio Shack Going Outa Business?

    I was in the one in Darboy today and everything was 50-70% off.The ones they are closing are liquidating everything is what the cashier told me.
  2. S40/yeti Problem

    I would try to jump the common to the power at the board to make sure the hack wires are still good first.
  3. Any One Build Complete Cameras?

    There's a couple for sale in the classifieds here also.
  4. Yeti Board Question

    It will work.I've used the s600 with the s4o board and it has worked fine.
  5. P32 Build

    Very nice build.The p32 is still one of the best out there.
  6. Pain is temporary.Best of luck with the rehab.
  7. Video Cam Question

  8. What's Up With This Doe?

    Yep,just shedding.It's finally that time of year.
  9. Otterbox Lining Removal?

    I just peel the lining out and use adhesivr remover to get off the tape.If you take your time it comes out in one piece.
  10. First Build Done :)

    Nice build.Everyone's first should be a P32.Solid and dependable.
  11. W5 Ir Build

    Very cool build.Where did you put the motion switch for the LCD board?
  12. Garmin Etrex Vista

    I'll take it then.
  13. P41 Build

    Looks good.That is some cool looking camo.I love DDs too.