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  1. bowhunter57

    Flickr test

    How can you transfer the photos out of Photobucket and into Flicker?
  2. bowhunter57

    New Compact Build

    Great looking build,should take great pics.
  3. bowhunter57

    Happy Birthday Tcscout & Fasterem

    Happy Birthday Guys hope you have a great day
  4. bowhunter57

    Hog Thinning

    Congrats good size hog.
  5. bowhunter57

    New Build - Finally Finished

    Very nice build
  6. Sorry to hear your shutting it down Jim but I'm sure what ever you decide to do you will do it well.Good Luck and thanks for all you have done.
  7. bowhunter57

    2 New Builds: Fs7 And S40

    Very nice, hope to see some good pics from them.
  8. bowhunter57

    Solar External Power For H55

    Regarding the panels have you tried looking on WISH.COM they have lots of them and a lot cheaper coming from the same place.
  9. bowhunter57

    Double Cam Finally Finished

    Great looking camera,looking forward to more pics.
  10. bowhunter57

    A Buck I Nicknamed "skyscraper"

    Congrats Jim on a great buck.
  11. bowhunter57

    Wtb - Got Them Guys Thanks

    I have a DV 150 in mint condition if your interested,pm me
  12. bowhunter57

    My New Toy!

    How much flight time are you getting?They are great little toys.
  13. I'm selling a S600 Micro build in a pelican 1010,2AA external battery,camo case,build by 12ringer everything works well just trying to thin out the herd,asking $125 TYD sold
  14. bowhunter57


    Here is something different for you,I have seagulls roosting on my roof and making a mess up there,is it possible to make a motion censored squawker that sounds like a hawk every time it gets trip? Something with volume control and a timer setting.
  15. bowhunter57


    Can that be programmed so you can upload different sounds?
  16. bowhunter57


    I'm tempted
  17. bowhunter57

    Custom Painted Fishing Baits

    very nice work.
  18. bowhunter57

    Boar Skull Mount

    very nice
  19. bowhunter57

    8 Sided Octagon Shaped Hunting Blind

    Awesome blind,that should handle the snow real well,WTG
  20. bowhunter57

    The Last Bull

    Great pics and story Bob,thanks for sharing.
  21. bowhunter57

    Saw This On Tv The Other Night

    interesting thanks for sharing
  22. bowhunter57

    More Bulls

    Wish you luck Bob,I'm glad you found something else to do and the pics are great.thanks for sharing Phil
  23. bowhunter57

    More Bulls

    can't wait to see pics from that,
  24. nice,they seem to be healthy