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      Prayers for a longtime Member   11/05/2017

      The Church mass shooting that happened today, was Peggy Wardens Church. She was one of the people killed today and her grandson was shot in the arm and is in surgery. Lets keep her in our thoughts and prayers. I made a topic in the "Cabin" I will keep everyone updated as I get information.


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  1. Some how I lost 2 of just the treeside
  2. Been A Long Time Since I've Been Around

    One apple tree yes
  3. Absolutely love my new house, these are photos from my back yard IN TOWN
  4. I know some of you guys have a few laying around, I might have trade ideas if interested
  5. Not sure how many of you see this category, but will try it here I am thinking about starting a new video\w sound, with WHITE ARRAY build this year, Probably going to be another DXG567, but if there are any better\easier cameras please let me know can someone put a list together of what/where to get the stuff I need? like the array? what out of the new or old boards will run everything?
  6. I acquired a bunch of P32 builds. And would like to get some more 512 sticks, (non adapter needed)
  7. Mine stopped recognising the sd card, I'm not sure if a 567 will fit, but would entertain one of those also, I would like to trade for it if any takers, I have some.SS control boards I could use as trade or even maybe a micro p32 complete build or a couple p32 cameras Let me know what ya got if any
  8. Dxg 125v Memory Error

    Tried 4 different cards, formated before after and during all in cam and computer
  9. Dxg 125v Memory Error

    Thanks guys will try those, what about compressed air? Shooting it inside card slot?
  10. Dxg 125v Memory Error

    Well darn, this did not fix it, I am still getting the sd error at the top right of screen even after formating in camera and on computer
  11. Dxg 125v Memory Error

    Never mind got it, had to format in cam
  12. Dxg 125v Memory Error

    No matter what memory card I put in I get this error at the top right of the screen, is it fixable?
  13. wondering if anybody has one that is hacked?
  14. Best Commercial Cam?

    I used to like moultre. And I know they have stepped up their customer service 100 told from when I had to deal with them