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  1. c'dn-eh?

    Happy New Year

    Best wishes for the new year
  2. c'dn-eh?

    Trail Camera User Survey

    Done.Interesting survey
  3. c'dn-eh?

    Chipmunk Problem

    Rat traps with a peanut wired tothe trigger. I also hollow them out and add peanut butter. Works for red squirrels also.
  4. c'dn-eh?

    Nice Late Season Buck

    Very nice pics. Obviously white flash doesn't bother all mature bucks.
  5. c'dn-eh?

    Cool Day In The Stand

    I just had same deal but with forky and small 7point. Were ther about 1/2 hour grooming and feedingas closeas 10yds in front of me.Had no inkling to shoot either.Great way to spend an afternoon.
  6. c'dn-eh?

    Sony P32 Ebay

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Cyber-shot-DS...=item27cd31c49b Good deal here.
  7. c'dn-eh?

    Battery Charger

    I also use this one and have been very impressed