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    Whitetail Supply Issue

    I just want every one to know it was a long time but i did get my order from Whitetail Supply yesterday. I hope every one who had a problem with a order get,s it soon. it looks like WTS is doing his best to make things right and getting his orders out. jimbo
  2. Jimbo

    Whitetail Supply Issue

    I put a order in about three months ago he has my money and it looks like he is not going to send the order or refund me. So i filed a complaint with paypal now he tells me he can,t ship it because paypal has put a block on his PC so he can not print out the order. I called paypal and they told me that they informed him that a complaint was filed and that he should try and make it right but they did not do any thing to keep him from doing any thing on his PC and it sounds like he wants me to remove the complaint but i should not until he ships my order or refunds me. PayPal would have refunded me but i waited to long to file the complaint.