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  1. dogshooter

    Big Buck In Yard

    Nice!! Big buck!!
  2. dogshooter

    First Buck With A Bow

    Nice buck! Looks like a huge body. Congrats
  3. dogshooter

    Some Oct Scrape Pics

    Nice pics. I like that 8 point, looks mature! Good luck.
  4. dogshooter

    Big Buck In Yard

    That thing is a TOAD!!
  5. dogshooter

    Fawn With Big Tumor..

    That is wierd! Cant even see its legs!
  6. dogshooter

    Big Black Bear

    Congrats man!! Heck of a bear!
  7. dogshooter

    Same Buck?

    Those are two diffrent bucks IMO. Look at the way the end of the left beam curls up on the hard horned pic. Pretty flat on the velvet buck. Looks like the velvet buck is wider as well. Good Luck tagging one of them!
  8. dogshooter

    Ok All You Regular Members, Check In!

    I'm still around and drop in from time to time, not as much as in the past though. Been busier than ever with work, and like everone else, the projects are piling up as well. Looking forward to this fall, got a couple out of state hunts planned. Will try to keep in touch more often
  9. dogshooter

    Survivor------ Wisconsin Style

    Ha! They wouldnt get very far!!!
  10. dogshooter

    Deer In The Window............

    Yeah, I got the one with the Grizzly bear too. I dunno why WI always comes up in these, maybe people think were drunk all the time or something!
  11. dogshooter

    Deer In The Window............

    Last I checked, there aren't mule deer in Wisconsin!! I got the same email and that was my reply. Cool pic though
  12. dogshooter

    Another Want To Buy

    Sorry, forgot to edit. I got a couple form members here. Thanks
  13. dogshooter

    Few From A Hp E337

    Looks good, keep us posted.
  14. dogshooter

    Happy Birthday Folks

    Happy B Day! have a good one!