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  1. Fernis

    Forum Upgrade

    Yes, the forum is compatible with Tapatalk. However, a setup would be required.
  2. Fernis

    Hag's House Ownership

    The forums have been updated to the latest IPB version available.
  3. Fernis

    Hag's House Ownership

    My name is Fernis from Booyah! Web Hosting. We have been hosting this form for several years now. Hag found us way back when to provide his hosting solutions and this site has been transferred a few times since then and stayed with Booyah. I appreciate the loyalty. Thank you. I wanted to extend our support services to you to help manage the board in was of administration or upgrades. I don't think the sites forum software has been updated in a while and is out of date. This would add additional features and security of the latest release of IPB. It could also help greatly with spam registrations and post. Please let me know if this is of interest. http://www.booyahhosting.com Fernis Owner/President Booyah! Web Hosting