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  1. bigkentk

    Moose In Snow

    Love those moose picks.
  2. The clips for the 74s are not the same for the 76s. They do both fit in the guns but do not work right.
  3. bigkentk

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Cristmas from Juneau Wisconsin.
  4. bigkentk

    The Worst Happened

    will be looking into that.glad to see you can go out and wack a few.if i may ask what is your challange? mine is lost both legs below knees and right hand.
  5. bigkentk

    The Worst Happened

    Now that is a chair you can get around on. Mine is a sidewalk chair i beat to death. looks like you built that chair for offroad usewith front wheel drive.
  6. bigkentk

    The Worst Happened

    what model chair do you have. I have a storm series torque three and having problems with. thanks for info.
  7. bigkentk

    Moose Alley Trail Cam Pics

    great moose pics.
  8. bigkentk

    Cell Phone Data

    Good info to have. thanks Bat.
  9. bigkentk

    Turkey And Deer Sw Minnesota

    Those are some really great pics.
  10. bigkentk

    Wheelchair Blind?

    Look at Cabelas Outfitter Series Hunting Blinds. They are 60 x60 and one wall opens up so you can pull your chair right in.
  11. bigkentk

    In Need Of A Favor (one Click Please)

    they are #4 at 12:02
  12. bigkentk

    In Need Of A Favor (one Click Please)

    still #1 at 12:18.
  13. bigkentk

    New Taser

    Bet you will not try that again.
  14. bigkentk

    Merry Xmas Everyone!

    Merry Xmass to all. Santa is bringing me a bag of coal to keep me warm.