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  1. 2 Camera Issues

    Thank you! I will give it a try.
  2. 2 Camera Issues

    I have 2 camera's that aren't acting correctly. First - S600 with a Yeti board. The red light keeps flashing 5x and will not quit. The initial start up works fine but when it goes into walk off mode it only flashes non stop. Second - S600 with a AIO board. The camera just fires away uncontrollably. It will shut down if I turn off the board but once it goes through the initial start up all it does is takes pictures. Any help is greatly appreciated. ISB
  3. Sony P41 Focus Problem

    JDH- I am not sure if the camera took blurry pictures before. I just hacked the camera and stuck it in a build. This is the first time pulling the card on this build. I did try switching it back and forth between program and auto setting and it did nothing. I am not sure how to hit the reset button. Where is this located? I did remove the ribbons to add externals to this camera and it is a good possibility this could be the problem. I am not sure how to shim into focus? I have several P41 that I have problems with the ribbons. I bet it is all user error on resetting them after I take them out. If there is a way you can tell me how to shim the ribbon or if there is a specific way to seat the ribbon back into place I am all for trying it. Thanks for the helpful suggestions.
  4. Sony P41 Focus Problem

    I have a Sony p41 that has a focus problem. At close range it is clear and at a distance it is blurry. Is there a way to manually focus it or is there a way to get it to focus from the camera options?
  5. Anyone Selling Snorkel For P52?

    I will send over Dimensions soon. I appreciate it.
  6. Anyone Selling Snorkel For P52?

    Can you make one for a Panasonic FS7?
  7. S600 With Yeti Board

    Well I am a bit embarrassed but it was how I wired it to the board. I had the common and the shutter confused and this is what caused it to do the things it was doing. After switching them around it works great. Thanks guys for all the help.
  8. S600 With Yeti Board

    Ok JDH. Is the Camera shutter under the back cover usually Green or White? Not my wire but what I cut? Based on what you are telling me this could be the problem. I will try it later on this evening.
  9. S600 With Yeti Board

    Ok here is some results from some of the recommendations. First, the walk off test works fine but when the camera turns on after the walk off test it does not turn off. At least it stayed on for several minutes. Because it does not turn off it does not detect motion again. No errors show up while on. I also tried to turn the LCD screen off and I got nothing from it. There is a small possibility that it could be wired wrong but let me explain the testing of the hack. While the camera is not attached to the board. I twist the S and SC together and touch it with the P to turn on camera. Camera LCD screen turns on and shows what I am pointing it at. The LCD screen has all the displays. In the bottom left corner it says SAF, it also has an oval frame of dots around the center of the picture. The lightening bolt, battery length, memory capacity, etc. etc. When I touch the C to the S and SC it will take a picture. If I undo the twist of the S and SC the camera will come on with a "turn off and back on" message. If I attach the wrong wires to the board (example) the C in the P and P in the C would the camera still come on? I have tried to switch the SC and S around and the camera comes up with the Turn off and back on again message. I guess I could switch the C and P around and see if that is the problem. Here is a question? If I don't undo the S and SC prior to turning the camera off during the testing and the lens retracts and then I attach it to the board, when the board turns on the lens extends. Is this normal because I didn't undo the S and SC while it was on during the test? The lens does extend during the process of the board turning on but this could be the result of me not undoing the S and SC while I was testing it.
  10. S600 With Yeti Board

    JDH - the chip on the board is FS600153 (I believe). No I have not turned off the LCD screen but I have had it set on the program settings. I believe it does turn off but it seems like it takes awhile before this happens. I can push the shutter button on the camera to take a picture but it will not take the picture. The green light lights up like it wants to take a picture just will not do it. The 40 f2.8 and 30 f2.8 is shown on the LCD screen not on the board. I will try your suggestions and see if that is what is preventing it from taking a picture. Yes it is a fast hack. Wolvenkinde - Yes the LCD screen is on but I will try it while it isn't on and see if it works. The strange thing is that while I don't have it connected to the board the test works fine. Once I connect it to the board it will not flash or take pictures. I messed with all the settings but not sure why. Thanks Guys! I will give it a shot when I go home for lunch and let you know.
  11. S600 With Yeti Board

    When I test the hack it takes pictures. When I connect it to the Yeti board it does not take pictures. It will turn on like it is going to take a picture but just sits idle. Even if I try to over ride the board and touch the shutter button the camera will not take a picture. At the bottom right of the board a 40 f2.8 and it will change to 30 f2.8 will appear as I am trying to take a picture (this is still connected to the board). Never seen this before. The pads on the back are soldered ABC all together and it does look like just DE are. Gary
  12. Dxg 125 Build

    It works! It works! It works! I really appreciate it Bowgod02! The relay was the problem. Doing some test now to be sure every everything else works. The daytime test results have been fantastic. I am a bit surprised at myself but with all the help and tutorials sure made it easier. I would have never made it through it without you all! Thanks again!
  13. Dxg 125 Build

    Thanks for the help Bowgod02. I will pick one of these up and let you know if it works. Would make sense.
  14. Dxg 125 Build

    JDH- I am sure I ordered the right board. Don (michiganbownender) sent me a DXG 125 build that Ron did for him and the numbers on the relay are different. Not sure if this could be the problem or not. His - OMR-C-105H 1009 OEG C Mine- OMR-C-112H 1223 A OEG C Bowgod02- yes the JP2 is jumped and the JP1 is not. It is hard to tell in the drawing on my phone but that is the way it is on mine Yes I have both post soldered to each side of the diode. I had to bend the post to get it to fit. My only guess is that the relay is the wrong one or is not working. Just basing things on common sense I would think that if the test hack works beyond the servo and doesn't work beyond the board it would have something to do with the board unless I have something wired wrong. Not ruling that out but everything else works up to that point.
  15. Dxg 125 Build

    Here is what I have tried this morning. New batteries - didn't change the condition Switched diode around - didn't change anything Tried switching S and SC around - didn't change anything Tried different memory card - didn't change It does however start recording if I jump the S and SC. I also tried this before attaching it to the board to see if the servo was bad and the camera records just fine. The camera turns on when it detects motion and will stay on for 30 sec and then turn off but will not record. It does if I hold the jumper on it. Normally I find it to be my mistake and usually I have a wire connected in the wrong spot. I did switch them and the fuistrating thing is that the camera hack works just can't figure out how to get it to record. Everything works like it suppose to except the board telling the camera to record. Any suggestions?