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  1. Gunboy53

    Up High Cam

    Nice videos, but curious. Is there any way to muffle the wind without destroying the sound?
  2. Gunboy53

    Up High Cam

    Video shows private.
  3. I think you got your answer. 5 or 6 years ago you would have had a list of ideas for items that people wanted made. Now you just get a bunch of reads and no replies. I got the same thing last week when I queried about a PIR that I thought might be an asset to the community. I'm not sure what the problem is. Just seems like a general lack of interest. It's a shame. This was a great site with tons of info available and some pretty smart people that were willing to help. Now when you try to research things here, you find a lot of things have disappeared (pictures an such). I do want to thank you for helping me with the PIR circuit boards. I'm awaiting delivery from OSHPark. Thanks again.
  4. Gunboy53

    Pyd 1998 Pir

    Has anyone tried building a control board using a PYD1998 as the PIR. The data sheet shows it as being a self-contained digital output sensor. You make connections to VDD and ground, then a direct link to any micro controller. The only other component is a 2.2 uF capacitor run between VDD and ground. Would eliminate a lot of components and enable using a smaller board.
  5. Gunboy53

    Pir Boards

    Thanks Matt. Gonna get some ordered.
  6. Gunboy53

    Pir Boards

    Do you still have these available or could you send me the gerbers? I'm in need of a couple for a project I'm working on. Thanks
  7. Gunboy53

    Scaling Way Back

    Your inbox is full. Payment sent.
  8. Gunboy53

    Scaling Way Back

    PM sent on AIO boards and components.
  9. I too am interested and appreciate your efforts. Curious as to the distance between say a camera and a remote you are able to get with this unit.