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  1. Hoyts&HD's

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Just stopped in to see what everyone is up to as I haven't been on in a while and now I'm shocked and saddened to read the news about Chris. Although I never met him in person, he made me (and I'm sure others as well) feel as though we were lifelong friends. Truly he will be missed by many.My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Mark
  2. Would take the group with the 600 fast hack BF board and other items for $45
  3. Awesome video! Like all the bulls especially the last one sniffing the cam!
  4. the hens and the toms are getting ready for spring!
  5. Hoyts&HD's

    2014 Video Contest

    DGX567 with bigfoot board and IR array. Move!
  6. Hoyts&HD's

    2014 Photo Contest

    Sony s-600 with a Vivitar 3700 RF slave
  7. Hoyts&HD's

    2014 Photo Contest

    Sony s600 fast hack, BF board, Pelican 1040 case w/AA externals
  8. Got the s600 today. Works good! Thanks, Mark
  9. Hoyts&HD's

    Velvet Bucks

    Can't wait for bow season after seeing this video!
  10. Hoyts&HD's

    2014 Photo Contest

    velvet bucks Sony s600 fast hack w/RF 3700 remote slave