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  1. Selling this build of mine. Had it out in the field for a couple months and it was working great. Brought it in one time and I think it took on some water. I can't get the camera to power up but the board and everything else seems to function just fine. I'm getting out of homebrewing so I'm selling this for a hair more than the cost of the board. $50 shipped thru paypal as a gift or add 4% to cover the fees. Always have issues posting pics on this site so please send me a PM with an email address or cell # and I'll send the pics thru email or text. Thanks
  2. Have a little build kit I'm looking to sell as a package. Everything is in great condition or new. -Sony p32 hacked with a 5 wire servo (great cond) -Ss2 board with battery (new) w/standoffs -pre drilled large wally case dipped in ghost autumn camo (great cond) -hpwa dipped in ghost autumn with white lens (new) -2 pieces of round 1" glass (new) Selling the package for $90 shipped obo Will try to post a pic but can easily email or text them if interested. Thanks Wes
  3. P32 with a BF board (trailmaster) in a Otter 3000 with HPWA I owe a big thanks to many of those that have helped me around here. Especially johnnydeerhunter, Buckhunter1, and ghoot (for the BF board and fast shipping!) Let me know what ya think!
  4. Whats the best way to check your build for leaks without (hopefully) damaging anything inside if you do have a leak? Thanks
  5. WCork


    I'll throw in 2 pieces of 1" glass for the price of $30 shipped.
  6. Selling a build of mine. For some reason I can't get the board to activate the camera so it takes a picture. It will activate the camera and the camera will turn on but it wont trigger a picture. The camera will take a picture manually and will take a picture when I check the hack. I'm willing to bet its an easy fix but I am getting away from homebrews. The camera is in a Otterbox 3000 and has C externals along with a Bigfoot board and a HPWA. Also has an arrow for pipe thru and the 3/16" python cable fits with it well. The case was textured in PL200 but hasn't been painted yet. I will include 2 512 MB memory sticks. $90 shipped. I will add a pic of the outside of the case soon.
  7. WCork


    Heres a pic of the items
  8. Would like to sell these together if possible -2 black HPWA's with clear lens -2 SA ribbons -2 256 mb memory stick pros -1 Wide angle fresnal with the mounting bracket and standoffs Not exactly sure how much the memory sticks are worth so I'll say $30 shipped for everything. If thats unreasonable....someone just shoot me a message. Thanks Wes
  9. Unhacked P41 for sale that works great. Will come with memory card. $70.....$60 tyd obo. If you'd like pics I can email/text them to you. Thanks, Wes
  10. WCork

    Sony P-32 Build

    P32 is a great choice. It was my first cam and aside from a few "im an idiot" mistakes, it came out great. The guys here really know their stuff and are more than willing to help!
  11. WCork

    I Have Way Too Much Stuff!

    WOW! You guys have some serious cam hoarding issues, LOL! So if anyone wants to offload a p32 I will gladly take one off your hands for some $