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  1. Sold a couple things but still have most of it.
  2. Hey, do you still have ur DXG567 ?

  4. Also I wanted to mention. for those of you that are not familiar with the Canon cameras in the pics. I highly recommend these cameras. These are my favorite and only real down side is they are a little larger than most cams. but they take SD cards and take great pics. i have all the hack info for these cameras. also most of my cams have an external power plug to use with a 6v SLA battery. this will make your cams last a long time and paired with the right solar panel indefinitely.
  5. I just don’t have the time any more for home brew. with two kids and two jobs I stay busy. Been using commercial cell cams much more now and mainly use those. Therefore letting go of all my stuff.
  6. I am selling all of my homebrew builds and supplies. below is a link where you should be able to access all of the pictures. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing this information. I would prefer to sell all of this stuff as one large lot. However may consider breaking up into a couple smaller lots. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HXRulNHAlOoqkW5smUtzzkKdETJSWRTB?usp=sharing Pricing Below is based on one large lot: buyer will also pay shipping costs. All Builds = $300 (that’s $25 per build.) Memory Cards and Batteries = $15 Exchangers, drivers, buck puck, leds, = $30 Working Cameras = $140 ($10 each) Parts Cams = FREE Control Board / Misc Parts = FREE Vivitar 2800 = $10 Battery holders = $20 Cases / seals = $40 Foam = $10 Total = $600
  7. Lv2Hunt

    Raspberry Pi Trailcam With Mms

    Looks good. Haven't used this board yet. Does it work correctly?
  8. Lv2Hunt

    What Happened To Everyone?

    Not sure what happened but I agree. it has been dead for awhile now. Seems like a lot of people disappeared.
  9. Lv2Hunt

    Raspberry Pi Trailcam With Mms

    Looks like good progress Matt. Are you going to leave the hotspot on all the time or program it to come on when motion is sensed? If you want to control the cam I guess you want to leave it on all the time. Have you figured out what the hotspot is going to draw?
  10. Lv2Hunt

    Canon 600d Build

    Can't suggest any good panels. I haven't used any 12v panels.
  11. Lv2Hunt

    Canon 600d Build

    Looks good Ralph. Seems you have room on the emt conduit to add a solar panel for the 12v sla.
  12. Lv2Hunt

    Raspberry Pi Trailcam With Mms

    Yes I think solar panels will be a must.
  13. Lv2Hunt

    Raspberry Pi Trailcam With Mms

    What did you get the bootup time too? I think it's pretty slow. Or are you powering the PI all the time? What are you doing for power? And are you leaving the hotspot powered on all the time also?
  14. Lv2Hunt

    Raspberry Pi Trailcam With Mms

    I'll be watching this Matt. I was very close to pulling the trigger on something like this myself. But I am not familiar with any of that programming. It probablly wolnt be until Monday until I'm around my PC and can Send you the gerber files for that Pir board.
  15. Lv2Hunt

    Pir Boards

    Yes I have gerber files for it. I redesigned board and haven't tried it sense. Pir circuit works great. I can Send you gerbers. Send me your email. Is there anything else you want on board that may make it easier for you?