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  1. ronjuan

    Hmmmmm Do You Think I Have My Property Covered? Lol

    Thanks Emmit, Now I don't even have to scout your property. LOL I see your off old RT. 8 , south of Bow Hallow Rd.......That's right down the road from the gun club I go to (Titusville Sportsman Club)
  2. ronjuan

    Catch N Release Deer Hunting

    Cool pic
  3. ronjuan

    Camera Security

    If you watch the video it says other devices will pick up the signal and let you know of the location.
  4. ronjuan

    Camera Security

  5. ronjuan

    Whitetail Adrenaline

    New video comes out next week. http://www.whitetailadrenaline.com/
  6. ronjuan

    Bushnell Trophy Cam

    I missed that deer last year and then shot the one below that evening with my bow.
  7. Some pics from my Trophy cam, Have to get the rest of my cams out on my next weekend off.
  8. ronjuan

    Largemouth Bass Mount

    Nice job!
  9. ronjuan

    Rip Mom

    Prayers for you & your family my friend.
  10. ronjuan

    A Couple Pics...

    I like the last one Joe. It looked like a battle Royal going on.
  11. ronjuan

    Not So Smart Trespassers

    Well, I guess next time I’m at my camp I will swing by your lease and get a few pics taken. LOL Like I said before, that’s how guys are in PA and its not worth the aggravation. While I was hunting in Ohio on opening day My friend’s Father in-law and his step son hunted my place and when they walked back to his box blind they saw a guy sitting in my hang on stand. When he saw them he climbed down and ran to the public land. No respect got other, I mean how can you climb in a guys stand on opening day!
  12. ronjuan

    Who Else Likes Those Sheds!

    I will be looking around at my camp this weekend. Middle of February is when I like to start looking.
  13. ronjuan

    My Sons First Ever Ice Fishing Trip Today

    Were you guys fishing 2 mile?
  14. ronjuan

    My Camera Roofs Help ;-)

    I etch the number on the actual lock, ice was so thick I couldn't see it, I wouldn’t write the number on the lock. All someone has to do is write that number down and they can have a key made for it and it’s gone. I write the name of the camera on the lock and then have a key ring with all the keys tagged for the different locks.