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  1. I believe I emailed you a couple of days ago with my response to this question saying that it may be possible but not as a wireless option. The PT would need to be extended on wires long enough to reach from the remote array back to the array on the commercial unit. I never recieved your email maybe I typed it wrong. My plan was to use a PT not wireless. I want it to help brighten up some of my commercial cams. Let me know if it will work thanks.
  2. I would like to know if the SMT slave control board will work for an led ir array. I would like to build an extender like the uway and spypoint units.
  3. I think I got it figured out it was the macro switch causing me the problems I missed the part about being able to remove it in the video of the other exchanger being installed by ebertdavis
  4. Is this the one I should be using, and does it come with a driver board it does not say
  5. No I have this one
  6. Does anyone have pictures or be able to tell me what way the bb271 exchanger mounts in a dxg567. Can only find the way for the other exchanger.
  7. I had that happen on a w55 and a w270 after shocking myself with the flash capacitor, I had to replace the main boards in both cameras now no more error I got the boards of of ebay for about $7 free shipping. I tried the same by changing the flash unit that did not help.
  8. Mine was the main board in the camera not the control board for cam. It happened after I got a jolt from the capacitor.
  9. I had one that did that flash was fine I had to replace the main board in the camera.
  10. Great pic
  11. I have two dxg567s one has firmware DVS557-V1.3-u-10 Mar 1 2008. And the other has DVS567-V1.14-0820 Aug 20 2008. I am unsure if they are ok or not and if not i would need someone to send it to me.