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  1. Had this guy show up in a spot I didn't expect to see a good buck. Only came in one night could have been just looking for love. At least I got some pics of him.
  2. Smokie

    Mineral Lick

    Wow what a shame about the buck. Glad to see your gonna be back at it.
  3. Smokie

    Bucks Out Back

    Nice blog and pics
  4. Smokie


    I had more pics to share but it cut me off for this post.lol Maybe I will put the rest up later. All pics are from a Sony S40.
  5. Went to Walmart last night and they had two hangon's left for 40 bucks a piece so I bought them. Came home and decided to go to Walmart.com. I found that they had the same stand and the climbing sticks for 29 bucks a piece. So I bought a few more. Not sure how long the sale will last so if anyone is interested buy them asap. Link is below Treestands
  6. Smokie

    W100 Table Scrap Pics

    Cool pics. A little bit of everything on that set. That cat looks like its on steroids.lol
  7. Bruce is the P41 with the wires out the tripod hole hacked for externals as well? If so I will take it. Dave
  8. Smokie

    I Survived Again!

    Great picture! Hope you catch up with him next year.
  9. Smokie

    Worst Picture I Ever Got

    What a shame.
  10. Smokie

    First Test Pictures

    Pics are looking good. Thats interesting about the whitetails not coming in till the mulies leave.
  11. Thanks fellas Not sure but I think it was damaged. The pic was in the early part of August. I believe it was restored. Its my buddies neighbors tractor. He has quite a few old Internationals and has one really awesome one he does tractor pulls with.
  12. Smokie

    My Attempt At Some Ducks

    Nice shots you got there.