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  1. I would download and run malwarebytes if that doesnt get it super antispyware.

    Systems i have cleaned, these have helped the most


    I second this. Malwarebytes and Superantispyware free are some good programs to remove viruses. I would also recommend using Ccleaner and running the most updated FireFox for a web browser. Just a FYI. You could also run eset online scanner its free and works good but just disable any antivirus software you are currnetlly running until its finished or it may interfere with it.

  2. Hi guys I just wanted to introduce myself and couldn't really find the proper place to do so. I'm Harley2003 over at outdoortalk. I know alot of you here and alot of you I dont. This looks like a really cool site and thanks for letting me be apart of it. Rusty

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