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  1. jackn


    Best of luck. Prayer sent
  2. Sorry ,but no good ones ,just parts cams
  3. Think I might have one. can't check till friday.
  4. jackn

    Saying Goodbye To Mother

    Sorry for loss.prayers sent. Please take care of yourself, she would want you to.
  5. jackn

    Program To Plot Deer Movement

    Use a spread sheet
  6. Maybe it is the s series cameras. I have some s40 that are doing the same thing.
  7. jackn

    Retired Today. Yahoo!

    Nice! Enjoy it, you earned it.
  8. Very well done article. You put some hard work into some great pictures.
  9. He has enough velvet to make a sweater. LOL
  10. It sure is Trailcam heaven. And nightly at that.
  11. jackn


    Still a nice one.
  12. jackn

    Home Made Tick Spray

    Let us know if it works. That is a good deal.
  13. jackn

    Safari Board Videos

    Them are nice. Love the night color.
  14. jackn

    S600 Critters

    Nice set. Pictures are real nice.
  15. jackn

    W290 Night & Day Video

    I want to try one of these. Can I ask what array you used?