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      Thank you note   08/24/2017

      I receive this thank you note from Peggy Warden  Mr. Stadler,  I didn’t post this under announcements, but you can if you want.  Thank you very much for sending the card, money and letting the members know about Chris’s death.  The members on Hagshouse are a special group of guys.  I knew that you all have really big hearts from past experiences when I was helping with charity auctions, etc. But I didn’t know what to say when I got a card with a $500.00 check because Chris had been inactive for a good while now.  Thank you all for the money and the kind words that were written about him on the website.  It was a great comfort for our family to read through each post.  It is just amazing that guys, most of whom I have never met in person, hundreds of miles away, reach out to help with prayers and money.  Chris and I were very thankful for being able to have come to know allot of you through e-mail and phone conversations, being part of your website and running the store.  Life without Chris is the hardest thing in life that I have ever had to do, but it sure does make it easier to bear with friends like you.  There has got to be a big meeting place reserved up in heaven where all the Hagshouse guys get together.  God bless you all!  Sincerely, Peggy Warden P.S.  Chris had signed me up with the Hagshouse member name of “Methuselah”.  As some of you may know, Methuselah was the oldest person in the Bible.  Lol!  He did have a sense of humor.
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      Please see posting in "Cabin" I need your help.


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  1. First deer pic so far after a month of having the cameras out on the back side of my friend's place. My Ground Blind is about 20 yards from the buck and has been out for about a month so they are used to it. The deer are starting to move around here as my friend has them in his front yard in the mornings. They are not hitting the corn I put out back there yet. The pic is from one of my Samsung A503 Homebrew trail cameras. Bill
  2. Otterbox 3500 Source ($15.00 Each)

    As per the distributor, Battery Station, these cases are manufactured by S3 who bought the molds from Otterbox many years ago. http://www.batterystation.com/otter3500.htm I have several of them and in 3 years have had only one leak. Looks to be self imposed as the gasket was pretty well filled with dirt, etc. S3 https://s3cases.com/s3-case-line/t3500-protective-case/ Bill
  3. I need some 1/16" diameter Neoprene Sponge Rubber Rope (Cord)? The stuff Gary sells is too large a diameter. Anyone know where I can find some. Web searches haven't been helpful yet. I found this and will try it. It's for the Otterbox 3500 cases I bought a few years ago. http://www.theoringstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=117_2242&products_id=43924 Bill
  4. Sony H55 Problem

    Pulled the camera out of the build and it still turns itself on. I'll replace it with one of my spare cameras and tear into it. Bill
  5. Sony H55 Problem

    I'm using a Bigfoot board to control it. Guess I'm not aware of a Refresh?? Just noticed it last night so no pattern seen yet. Bill
  6. Sony H55 Problem

    Anyone ever have a Sony H55 that after being turned off for a while would turn it's self back on? Looked for a short but thought if it was a short it wouldn't stay off for a while but would turn right back on. Bill
  7. Hawk Micro-Pro Camera Mount

    I will for sure. No good in Bear country but around here would do ok. Due to increased theft, I'm down to only one spot I dare to put cameras out. These will work fine as high up in the tree as I put the cameras. Bill
  8. Picked up two of the Hawk Micro-Pro camera mounts today at WalMart for $9.97 each. https://www.hawkhunting.com/products/ti ... mera-mount I'm going to use one on my old M80 and the W100 build I don't have a mount for. For the W100 I Gooped all around the base plate for a little-added strength though it appears plenty strong. I like the looks of them and think they will work well. Bill
  9. Bummer!! Now I have to fix all the pics in the External Battery threads. Bill
  10. New Compact Build

    Yet another class act build!' Very nice!! Bill
  11. Batteries

    IKEA and Amazon Basics battery review: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/47233 http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?400258-Test-Review-of-Amazon-Basic-AA-2500mAh-(Black) Lot's of discussion on these two forums as well. Just do a search, Bill
  12. AA or C cell

    Use 2 C cells with the largest capacity you can find. AA wouldn't have as much capacity. All depends how long you expect to leave the cameras deployed. Bill
  13. W200 battery

    I would use Unprotected cells with Protected holders. Gives you more choices when buying batteries, Bill