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  1. Maha MH-C9000

    For those who own the Maha MH-C9000 this may prove interesting. http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?191921-Maha-MH-C9000-SUPPORT-FAQ-continuation Review http://lygte-info.dk/review/Review Charger Powerex MH-C9000 UK.html Bill
  2. Has gotten very good reviews and is inexpensive. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/soldering-station-with-adjustable-heat-range-us-warehouse.html Discussions about it. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1722684-15-Hakko-936-soldering-station-clone-(In-Stock-as-of-April-24) I'll be buying one to replace my old worn out equipment. Bill
  3. Nifty New Charger

    I'm always on the lookout for a little better charger than what I have now. Will buy one of these when I get home from Florida in March. It will complement my Hobby Chargers!! Bill
  4. Looks like a very interesting charger. http://www.xtar.cc/products_detail/productId=155.html Review http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?426643-Test-review-of-Charger-Xtar-VP4-Plus-Dragon Bill
  5. Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    Yes a Vivitar 2800. Bill
  6. close-up owl

    Very cool picture. Don't see many like that. Bill
  7. The Panasonic LZ10 camera is getting to be one of my favorite Homebrews. All taken on a 3 1/2 acre piece of property at the end of a subdivision's Cul De Sac. Bill
  8. In order to get a true indication of how the batteries are performing I like to discharge them (NiMH) down to .9vdc and then recharge them at 1 amp with a charger that shows the capacity of the battery after charging. I also check after the Discharge cycle to see how much capacity in mAh was in the battery before being discharged. Best test I know of to check the batteries. When not in use I keep the batteries fully charged. These batteries are used in my slave flashes and as external power for my Homebrews. They have seen lots of hours in the woods in all kinds of weather. Bill
  9. LZ10 Coyote

    It's a Vivitar 2800 Slave Flash. Bill
  10. I just Discharged and then recharged all of my C cell Tenergy Premium and Centra LSD batteries I bought in 2012. I discharged each battery down to .9vdc at 1 amp. I then recharged them on an XTAR VC4 charger that shows the ending capacity. All the cells were either a little over capacity or about 200mAh shy of it. Looks like they are holding their capacity very, very well!! To discharge them I used Hobby Chargers and an Opus BT C-2000 charger. Really impressed with the versatility and accuracy of the Opus BT C-2000 charger!! Bill
  11. LZ10 Coyote

    I really like the pics I get from my Panasonic LZ10 build. Get some blurry pics with the LZ8 but not with the LZ10?? Bill
  12. Showed up 1 hour before I got there to set up. He is 20 yards in front of my Ground Blind. This is a good documentary on whitetail deer. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/the-private-life-of-deer-full-episode/8278/ Taken with Panasonic LZ10 Homebrew. Bill
  13. Buck at my Church Buddy's place. Nice suburban buck!! King of the subdivision. Taken with Sony W100 build. Bill
  14. This guy is standing less than 20 yards in front of the Ground Blind I set up over a month ago. I have yet to see him in person. This is the back side of a buddy's 3 1/2 acres at the end of a Cul-De-Sac. Sony W100 Pic (Thanks to Johnnydeerhunter who recommended the W100 to me) Bill
  15. Problem with Little Acorn

    I would contact these guys https://oldboysoutdoors.com/ Bill