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      Thanks to all who contributed, we collected just under $500.00. I sent a check Monday (8-7-2017) to his wife for $500.00 along with a card expressing Forums condolences. 


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  1. I will for sure. No good in Bear country but around here would do ok. Due to increased theft, I'm down to only one spot I dare to put cameras out. These will work fine as high up in the tree as I put the cameras. Bill
  2. Picked up two of the Hawk Micro-Pro camera mounts today at WalMart for $9.97 each. https://www.hawkhunting.com/products/ti ... mera-mount I'm going to use one on my old M80 and the W100 build I don't have a mount for. For the W100 I Gooped all around the base plate for a little-added strength though it appears plenty strong. I like the looks of them and think they will work well. Bill
  3. Bummer!! Now I have to fix all the pics in the External Battery threads. Bill
  4. Yet another class act build!' Very nice!! Bill
  5. IKEA and Amazon Basics battery review: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/47233 http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?400258-Test-Review-of-Amazon-Basic-AA-2500mAh-(Black) Lot's of discussion on these two forums as well. Just do a search, Bill
  6. Use 2 C cells with the largest capacity you can find. AA wouldn't have as much capacity. All depends how long you expect to leave the cameras deployed. Bill
  7. I would use Unprotected cells with Protected holders. Gives you more choices when buying batteries, Bill
  8. I use three 18650 cells in parallel. Also use them in my H55 build. As Zaj56 said they work well. Bill
  9. Very nice work!! Bill
  10. Killed this big boar about an hour from my house. Trying to thin them out so they don't run the deer off. After hit at about 60 yards it walked 50 yards or so and collapsed. Bill
  11. I like the fact that this holder's battery connections are made with the trace on the PCB. Much more reliable connection than many other series connected holders. I'll be using this holder to charge and discharge my AA and AAA NiMh batteries. Bill
  12. Looks like a good tool to use with Hobby chargers, etc. It connects the batteries in Series which is the way multiple NiMH batteries should be connected for charging with a Hobby charger. Will be better than jury rigging some of the holders I have now. I also like the connection indicator lights. The LEDs only confirm if you have a good connection and if the battery is charging. They do not show charge percentage, etc. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/aa-aaa-nimh-bat...harge-lead.html https://hobbyking.com/media/file/998467592X327889X11.JPG Bill
  13. Looking good!! The P41 is one of my favorite cameras for a build. Very dependable in all kinds of weather. Bill
  14. Though it is expensive I can see it being very useful for accurate testing of batteries. The software is an excellent way to also keep accurate records on all your batteries. http://www.westmountainradio.com/product_i...roducts_id=cba4 http://www.ad5x.com/images/Presentations/CBA4%20Review.pdf http://www.zianet.com/jgray/articles/CBA%2...%20CBA%20IV.pdf Operating Manual http://www.batteryspace.com/prod-specs/6969.pdf Bill