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  1. It all might have been avoided if "whoever" in the electoral states that voted for the "Comander in Least" didn't vote for him twice over. One can't empower anything if your not in power from the jump. I leave both parties responsible. That's another topic that I'll avoid on here, as it's not what I was fighting for when over there. "Disgruntled combat veteran"
  2. Yes, please do! We'll see if this is legit. I hope not. Tks.
  3. You should start a Hags House "combative and escape and evade techniques" class. I will be you prize student on the front row. What's a mercenary camp? Is that like a training place for contractors? No, it's para military training places that teach fighting tech, combatives, knife fighting, weaponry, booby traps, trip wires, offense and defensive positions, recon, sniper tech, comando tactics etc. Not something just publicly posted like a karate school etc.
  4. I'd have to let the situation dictate on that one. I can assure you from being over there they: 1. DO NOT like Americans. 2. DO NOT follow our ideology. 3. DO NOT care about taking their own lives to kill "1" American. 4. Do use themselves as walking explosives. 5. DO use women and children to achieve any form of harm to anyone. 6. Are not trustworthy. 7. Are not here to live our ways and culture. 8. Will not stop until they are all dead. 9. Praise Allah. 10. Twist the Quran. 11. Are not all orphans and women. 12. Will go to any length to inflict harm on anyone. You'll be the one to decide what to do when the time comes to process the end result here. Here's something chilling from PA. So a man walked into Bob's Army and Navy in Clearfield, Pennsylvania yesterday wearing a hoodie with what looked to be the word Muslim written in Arabic on it. He told the cashier he was with ISIS. Had posted a picture last night about it only to find it being cleaned from Facebook and the internet hours later. Thanks to a good friend who will remain nameless, a picture was saved. This is a picture of the *#!+"$%* who claimed to be with the Daesh.
  5. Glad we have guys like you out there. Thanks for what you have went through for us man. I wish there was a way to get some military training for civilians in my area for cheap. I'm fat and out of shape, and wouldn't expect to ever be able to keep up with a young guy, but would love to learn how to handle different situations. I'm not a young guy either Ghoot. No need to thank me as it was my duty to keep us safe when others didn't have the chance or other reasons. I'm glad I started in Infantry and went through many schools while in, that were hardcore because it sure helped when we were in compromising situations. I'll never forget it and it's fresh on my mind like yesterday. There's a mercenary camp 35 miles away from me as long as I can get to it when the SHTF. Most untrained civilians will succumb to the enemy or law enforcement pretty easily within the first 48 hours. This is expected because of lack of military background training in combative and escape and evade techniques. I'm sadden that this garbage was allowed to enter our country after so many have gave their life and limbs to keep us free and protected. If others can't figure out our "Commander in Least" doesn't care about us or the country they are as bad as the garbage that was allowed in here. Man Up - Load Up.
  6. As a combat veteran, i'm with ya all and got your backs. Here's a follow-up on that story that proved to be what Obama is totally thinking the opposite about. Read this link, you'll schit! http://woundedamericanwarrior.com/missouri...-of-cellphones/ http://madworldnews.com/missouri-woods-muslim-cellphones/
  7. Here ya go bro! http://crusadecommand.com/2015/12/deer-cam...missouri-woods/ and here--- http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/12/13/cops-...ntcmp=obnetwork Bill Funny how the man interviewed said that propane tanks aren't the choice of items they use. I guess this image is a cartoon then.
  8. Here ya go bro! http://crusadecommand.com/2015/12/deer-cam...missouri-woods/
  9. Here's that link for the phones bought up like mad. http://www.americasfreedomfighters.com/201...-stolen-alert/# http://universalfreepress.com/54868-2/
  10. Those pay as you go phones I think is what their talking about. The world news reported that ordeal as well as the propane tanks in KC, MO. being stolen by the dozens the same night.
  11. I'll see if I can find it again.
  12. This Syrian immigrant was captured on this game camera (not a HB) wandering around on private property Southwest of St. Louis, MO. When the individual was confronted a bit later he was agitated, confused and didn't speak English (imagine that). Many of these folks were also seen mobbing a Walmart buying up hundreds of non traceable cellphones. In KC they had several dozens of large propane bottles stolen from stores outdoor cage racks. Keep those trail cameras rolling 24-7 365 they're not just for scouting anymore!

    Elk Wallow

    I clicked the sprocket icon on your YouTube video / HD 1020p and it was awesome and clear! I have fiber optic internet and I saw no graininess at all. Great catch!
  14. That spot is a fox mega producer! Great set.
  15. Uh oh, pork n beans coming up it looks like. Your in prime bigfoot country if that joker even exists, right?