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  1. Woody Meristem

    From the Beaver Pond

    The camera trap went back at the beaver pond; some of the results -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/2019/07/from-beaver-pond.html
  2. Woody Meristem

    Li'l Foxes

    Young red fox at a den beneath a cabin's deck -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/2019/05/lil-foxes.html It was really tempting to put a camera trap there. But, having lost a camera last winter, I'm not about to donate a camera to the lowlife types who frequently break into isolated cabins.
  3. Woody Meristem

    Winter photos from 2019

    Nice photos from two good cameras.
  4. Somebody's going to get a good deal. Are you switching to commercial cameras or quitting camera trapping altogether? After 25 0r 26 builds and another 10 or 12 hacks, I think I've done my last build; I've really enjoyed homebrews and will be using them for years but the quality of my commercial cameras' (I've now got ten) photos and videos and their smaller size makes me think any new cameras will probably be Browning, Bushnell or Coverts.
  5. Woody Meristem

    Lithium-ion batteries

    I use nothing but NMH AA rechargables for my cameras, and rechargables for the boards (most of which run on AAAs). the only exception is for a couple of boards that run on 9-volts, for those I use lithiums in the winter. My rechargables are either 2400 MAHs or more AA Powerex (Imedion), Amazon basics (apparently made in the same factory) and a few old Energizer which are nearing the end of their useful lives -- after more than six years and many, many recharges they're beginning to not hold a charge long enough. The AAAs are Powerex, Energizer, Amazon or Rayovac and I can't see any difference between those four brands.
  6. Woody Meristem

    Sw Minnesota trail cam pics 02-03-2019

    Beautiful birds.
  7. Woody Meristem

    De bugging

    Some of our woodpeckers do the same thing.
  8. Woody Meristem

    First attempt at YouTube

    Nice looking animal. I agree, you would be better off using Vimeo where you can upload up to 5 gb at no charge.
  9. Woody Meristem

    Bucks out Back

    Firearms deer season begins the Monday after Thanksgiving and lasts two weeks, so there's no set date -- in 2018 it was November 26 thru December 8. Archery was September 29 thru November 12 and there are archery and flintlock seasons after Christmas into mid-January. Although deer are in season one way or another for a long time, the real pressure is during firearms season when there's a long tradition of staging deer drives with gangs of up to 25 people (although most groups are much smaller).
  10. Woody Meristem

    Bucks out Back

    Not from a homebrew, but ... Don't tell me "There ain't no deer." -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/2019/01/bucks-out-back.html
  11. For several months I had a camera on the rim of the Allegheny Plateau in northcentral Pennsylvania, here are some of the results -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/201 ... n-rim.html
  12. Woody Meristem

    Along the Trail

    The bobcat's probably a young-of-the-year which would account for its appearance in July, by October its winter coat was coming in so it looks more bulky (just like we do in our winter coats). A fat cat would have difficulty catching prey.
  13. Woody Meristem

    Along the Trail

    There are ten or twelve subspecies of bobcats in North America, From the literature it appears that Missouri is on the general boundary between two subspecies which probably grade from one to the other. -- but there's some dispute about whether some of those are actually subspecies.
  14. Woody Meristem

    Along the Trail

    The latest batch of photos from a homebrewed camera trap -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/2018/12/along-trail.html
  15. Woody Meristem

    Bears Being Bears

    She's about average for that area. The habitat in that part of the Big Woods has been severely degraded for many years. Even though there's a fair bit of hunting activity, there are probably 40 deer to the square mile, 3-4 times the population that would allow for healthy habitat. Now much of the vegetation within reach of deer consists of species they will not eat and the oak trees had a poor acorn crop this year.