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  1. f ox

    Good catch.
  2. The results of a camera trap on a hillside trail -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/
  3. A Pair of Peregrines

    Had the good fortune to, once again, photograph a pair of peregrine falcons along the river -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/
  4. Cave Bear

    The camera at the cave caught a black bear on two days in November -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com
  5. Ho, Ho, Ho

    Buck (no, not reindeer) photos from the last few weeks -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/ __________________
  6. From the Cave

    Here's the second set of photos from the entrance to a small cave on a steep sidehill -- https://forestandfield.blogspot.com/
  7. Under Water

    I've had spiders and crickets trigger the PIR, it doesn't seem possible but it's happened at least five times, so perhaps fish would be picked up by the PIR. But as Coyote 08 said water would probably get in the case. My builds get dunk tested for at least an hour before I'm sure they won't leak, but that's a lot different than several days. I think most folks who've had builds submerged have wound up with water in the case.
  8. moose

    Pretty nice moose and nice pictures. If it stays warm your moose will have problems with winter ticks and some will probably die.
  9. S600 externals working, but internals are not

    The battery contacts down inside the camera may also be bent and not exerting enough pressure to make contact; that can be corrected by gently pulling them up. Beside scuffing the contacts try cleaning them with a little denatured alcohol.
  10. Those ears look almost identical to the ears on the bobcats in northcentral Pennsylvania -- here's one (severely cropped) from a photo I just pulled today.
  11. S40 F2.8 help

    I've never used rubbing alcohol (isopropanol), I use denatured alcohol (ethanol). Once I used a bit of hand sanitizer (unscented) which contains ethanol and it worked just fine.
  12. S40 F2.8 help

    Will Camera 1 operate with just the hack wires? If it does, it's not the hack of the power contact.The problem could also be a broken hack wire (more likely if you used solid rather than stranded wire). With Camera 2, are you sure the lens is seated in the body correctly, sometimes mine have been hard to get reseated tightly after hacking for external batteries. Otherwise, pull the lens ribbon cables (including the one for the focus motor) and clean them with alcohol.
  13. Near disaster with w230 build

    Are you sure that all the external batteries were oriented correctly in the holders? That kind of result can happen if a battery is reversed in a holder. If the insulation on any of the wires from the externals was melted it's almost a sure sign that a battery was reversed.
  14. 2 Camera Issues

    The second one sounds like you need a new board battery. Often when the battery powering the board weaken sufficiently it will trigger continuously until the camera's card is full or those batteries die.
  15. SSII and fast hack

    I've got a GameWatcher running a fast hacked S40; the board is powered by a 9 volt rechargable battery. Ralph can also supply a GameWatcher that will run on three AAA batteries. If you had room for a Yeti and its 9 volt, you should have no problem using a GameWatcher.