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  1. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Pelican Case

    Cam is sold.
  2. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Homebrewsky Fs

    Cam sold.
  3. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Homebrewsky Fs

    100 tyd it can't be built for this price fellas.
  4. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Pelican Case

    100 plus s/h
  5. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Pelican Case

    Throw some offers out fellas.
  6. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Pelican Case

  7. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Pelican Case

    Regular hack and lens.
  8. KYHeadhunter02

    Few From This Week

    Love the moose pics. You guys in Alberta have some slobs!
  9. KYHeadhunter02

    Few More

    Very nice photos. Last deer is trashy and awesome.
  10. KYHeadhunter02

    My First Cam Check

    Northern KY
  11. Another S600, Yeti board, pelican case. Takes great photos. The lens is cracked and is a quick fix. 130 TYD
  12. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Homebrewsky Fs

    my apologizes. I did not build this cam, but it is built pretty well. Offers?
  13. KYHeadhunter02

    S600 Homebrewsky Fs

    Will include 256 mb stick.
  14. S600 in great condition, yeti board, plano case. The flash lens does have a crack, it has been in the rain and does not leak. $145TYD
  15. Did you ever make anything to try to catch the sheds?