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      Thank you note   08/24/2017

      I receive this thank you note from Peggy Warden  Mr. Stadler,  I didn’t post this under announcements, but you can if you want.  Thank you very much for sending the card, money and letting the members know about Chris’s death.  The members on Hagshouse are a special group of guys.  I knew that you all have really big hearts from past experiences when I was helping with charity auctions, etc. But I didn’t know what to say when I got a card with a $500.00 check because Chris had been inactive for a good while now.  Thank you all for the money and the kind words that were written about him on the website.  It was a great comfort for our family to read through each post.  It is just amazing that guys, most of whom I have never met in person, hundreds of miles away, reach out to help with prayers and money.  Chris and I were very thankful for being able to have come to know allot of you through e-mail and phone conversations, being part of your website and running the store.  Life without Chris is the hardest thing in life that I have ever had to do, but it sure does make it easier to bear with friends like you.  There has got to be a big meeting place reserved up in heaven where all the Hagshouse guys get together.  God bless you all!  Sincerely, Peggy Warden P.S.  Chris had signed me up with the Hagshouse member name of “Methuselah”.  As some of you may know, Methuselah was the oldest person in the Bible.  Lol!  He did have a sense of humor.
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      Tapatalk   09/02/2017

      Please see posting in "Cabin" I need your help.


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  1. Cultipacker

    Yes sir. Planning to use it as a lawn roller as well. A little over 7 bags of concrete used, it's blasted heavy!
  2. Cultipacker

    Saw one of these on another site (and I have an immediate need for one) so I thought I'd give it a try. All-in-all, <$100 in materials to put it together. Pillow-block bearings from Northern Tool, cement on sale from Menards, steel I bought from work and 12" tubing I got for free from a tile guy.
  3. What Broadheads Do You Shoot.

    Rage right now. Before that, Thunderheads and Muzzy.
  4. Home Made Tick Spray

    Any updates on your homebrew's effectivity?
  5. Started this project in the Spring out in the garage (as the snow lingered on). Attached the EZ Brackets, legs & raised 'er mid-Summer after some time freed up and the ground dried out long enough to get into the field. Was originally going to make it Octagon-shape (with same base) to better suit bowhunting, but I didn't like the space I'd lose. Was also contemplating a rubber roof, but way more expensive than the asphalt shingles. Large plexiglass windows on 3 sides flip up to the inside, again enlarged with bow in mind. Figured I'd build one, use it for a while and think about what to do differently the next time around. I will say that it started out as a center trap door, but I screwed it shut after crawling up inside of it one time with 3 kids. Not much room to manuver around with it open not to mention the lost floor space to account for it. Since then I've cut a door in the back side. Lesson learned. Here's a link to more pics & the raising for those that are interested:
  6. Bow Hunting Question

    Highly unlikely that the deer are going to stay there all night long, may have to wait them out before climbing down. I don't use a call at all. Would think it would tip them off to your location and more likely to see you move.
  7. How's the season going? Now that I've got my last food plot in I can think about getting out for some hunting (in WI).
  8. Wisconsin 2014 Bow Deer

    Congrats, that's awesome!!
  9. Very, very, very nice pics. Did those featured come from the P41 shown as being hacked? My 41's never has produced pics so vivid.
  10. Those are great! Your gun season done for the year / made it through??
  11. Congrats, nice bucks!! Are you in a CWD intensive harvest zone or earn-a-buck? Just curious how you can shoot (2) antlered deer in one year?
  12. Droptines Buck

    Impressive indeed! Thanks for sharing........
  13. P41 (hacked) F/s! Sold!

    Do you take PayPal?