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  1. Hey everyone, newb here and having some problems with my build. I am working with a SSII board and a Nikon L11 camera. I have completed putting everything together and was going to test the camera out and ran into my problem. The board will not turn the camera on. I am using just the 3.6v battery for the board and I have 2 AA batteries in the camera. I turn the switch on the board to on and leave the camera off and the motion LED flashes when there is movement but it doesn't tell the camera to come on. I have checked my soldering and it appears good with no unnecessary continuity anywhere. The camera will work if I turn it on manually and I can take pictures with it. Not sure what I did wrong so any help would be appreciated. I followed the wiring diagram on the snapshot sniper website.
  2. kansasfever

    Trouble With Ssii And L11

    Ok guys thanks for the input. I have been scouting the last couple of days and couldnt get back on here. I will test my common and ground as soon as I get a chance. Now that I know about the walk test I should be able to figure it out. I guess I cant be too much more descriptive with my explanation. I basically wired the camera up exactly as stated on the snapshot website and connected the wires to the board in the same manner as it showed on the website as well. I may take it in to work and resolder it and make sure that isn't the problem. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Trouble With Ssii And L11

    I did remove the resistor. I turn the switch on and the led flashes, it then flashes when it senses movement but after about two minutes it stops working totally. How long does it take to go into picture taking mode?