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  1. I would go to the device manager under the control panel and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks near any of the devices. I have a suspicion that you need to reinstall the driver for your card reader. If that is the case go to the manufacturers site and download a new driver.
  2. Sounds like the drivers for the reader aren't installed. Im not familiar with Windows 8 to tell you how to check.
  3. TrxR

    False Triggers?

    Ill have to check that the next time out. But I am pretty sure it was where it was placed that caused the problem. Thanks
  4. TrxR

    False Triggers?

    Thanks I put a pole in and got it up off the ground more and slightly angled down . I will leave it for a week and see what happens.
  5. TrxR

    False Triggers?

    Ive got a P32 with a SS2 board out in the field. It is only about 2 to 3 feet off the ground sitting in the middle of a field. I am getting alot of pictures of just the field. It is getting triggered by the animals when they are there but something else is also triggering it. Can moving grass or trees trigger the camera? What about the way the sun hits the camera? Thanks
  6. TrxR

    New W100ir Crittter Getter Build

    Any pics from this cam yet? I am looking for a W100 right now as i think it will be my next camera to build or buy.
  7. What control board are you using? Also whats the W200 like as a camera? Thanks
  8. TrxR

    Camera Recomendations?

    I think either one would work with a simple bracket. I would have to try the second one as the PTM wont ship outside the US. I think the either one would work well with one of Joes mounts with the use of a simple L bracket. Or simple use a L bracket glued or bolted to the back of the camera. That does look like a tight fit in the 1040 . I think i will look at using a 1060.
  9. TrxR

    Camera Recomendations?

    With the tow sets of 3 would the 1040 work or would you recommend the 1060. Im going to try it with out the slave flash and I wont be using a through pipe. Any suggestions on a good rugged pivot style mount? Thanks
  10. TrxR

    Camera Recomendations?

    Liking the looks of the W100. I think I might start trying to find one and gather some other parts. I think I might go with a SS LCD setup with 3C externals. Will a 1040 case work for that setup if I dont use a slave flash? Im assuming a 1060 would be better if I plan on using a slave flash? Also where should I look for a snorkel for the lense and does it use the same 1.24" round glass? What type is this cameras considered?
  11. TrxR

    Camera Recomendations?

    Ive never hacked a flash before is why I didn't want a slave flash.
  12. TrxR

    Camera Recomendations?

    Im not overly particular on what I want. It would be used for watching my food plot mostly and would like a decent flash so I dont have to run a slave. So far ive only hacked a P32.
  13. Looking at building another camera to go with my P32. Wanting to use a Safari board on this one . What your recommendations. Thanks
  14. TrxR

    Moisture Problems?

    Thanks Im going to give a try drying it with a hair drier and set it out again and see what happens.
  15. I got a P32 in a 1020 case. I had it out and it got knocked over and when I found it it had a little water on the inside of the glass and fresnel lens. I dried it out a left it out and didnt get anymore water in in but am getting moisture on the inside of the glass. I brought it back in and dunked it and had no bubbles or leaks. Could the moisture be coming from me not bringing it back and thoroughly drying it after it got the water in it? I am also not sure how it got the water in it in the first place unless I didnt have it latched tight enough. Thanks