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  1. nice job! just wondering , by having the case with the hinges on top, doesn't it make it harder to change cards etc.? just wondering.
  2. happy late birthday paul!
  3. you think the stuff ralph sells would be better? 750nm? that is darker than 670nm right? lol it will mostly be on a bait set.
  4. putting together a w200 IR build and was wondering which IR material i should use with a 2800 flash, so if anyone out there has built one what did you use?--thanks----tom
  5. thanks guys!
  6. p32 seems to be the camera always getting theses birds, why can't they come to my higher megapixel cameras lol
  7. or all rechargeables
  8. p32's don't like alkiline batteries in the camera, use rechargables in camera and alkiline in externals.
  9. had one do about the same thing as far as saying dead batteries, the rechargables read good on meter, but as soon as there was a drain on them the went dead, try alkaline in exteranls, rechargables in camera.
  10. lol all that water and only one fish?
  11. get it figured out yet Paul?
  12. or just hold it against the flash and take pic, if there is no cap mod on it it will smoke and smell lol
  13. it's 26 degs. here now. I'm in shorts, compared to that -25 we had last week lol
  14. should of spent the time fishing instead!
  15. the only time I ever got a smell from a flash paul was in a build if the flash was too close to the foam , and the high heat from the flash was trying to melt the foam. there isn't anything in the camera maybe too close to the flash like wires? where the insulation could be getting hot. just my 2 cents.