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  1. Package arrived today, thank you Fred.
  2. cvsetter

    Mock Scrape; 2015 Edition

    nice shot,looks to be two good ones for this fall.i started using a pre orbital gland lure this year and had a 1.5 hit a scrape i made at a random spot this week.i just set one of my a503`s over an active scrape from last year and want to check it in 2 or 3 weeks.
  3. cvsetter

    Hummingbird Pics.

    looks great jon,you are the hummingbird master!
  4. congrats to him,surely a buck of a lifetime.
  5. cvsetter

    Sony W100 And W200 Builds

    2gb cards are plenty for my sets.but adjusting the programming is over my head.
  6. cvsetter

    Sony W100 And W200 Builds

    thanks for the help guys,i got the lense doors of the w100 when i got home from work and placed an order for some 3.3 uf caps.
  7. cvsetter

    Sony W100 And W200 Builds

    i imagine you just use a small flat screwdriver and get under the edge of the face and work your way around to remove the casing.
  8. cvsetter

    Sony W100 And W200 Builds

    thank you thats what i`m looking for.i do have two 2.2 caps.pictures would be great.
  9. these are the next to builds I`m going to work on.i`ve have no experience with either of these cameras other than they take really nice pictures.i just hacked my first w100 and had a w200 that had a bad lense so I opened up and hacked the power bar that I`m going to swap out on my good w200.on the Panasonic cams I did I removed the shutter doors,do you guys remove the shutter doors on these cameras or just let on.the w100 does have a sticky door every now and then.and on the w200 I am going to put a internal slave in this camera.since the flash is so close to the lense,can you not drill the flash hole and do a cap mod. like on the Samsung a503.i have to smaller caps for the a503 laying around would that be enough to trigger the slave.
  10. cvsetter

    Cards And A New Charger Needed

    thats the one i use too,thinking about picking another one up this summer.
  11. here are two builds i just finished up,s600 in a 1010 case and a p41 baby slave build.i have a w100 and a w200 with a 2800 slave to do next,just have to get cases.
  12. cvsetter

    Late Season Sony Cams

    reliable,yes.i`ve been building cams for two years now and this s40 fast hack and yeti combo was my second cam i build and does`nt miss a beat.for the money the s40 does a great job.
  13. panasonic f3 panasonic fs7 samsung a503 [/uR
  14. cvsetter

    Little Help

    by turning the sensitivity screw to the right will increase the sensitivity.i usually have mine set at 1:00.with your p32 turned off,when you turn the bigfoot board on it should turn the the p32 on,then the camera will turn off and the board will go into walk test mode.after no motion is detected the led will light up showing the camera is armed.