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  1. Anyone ever try one of these? if so did they work well? http://www.ebay.com/itm/331701453975?_trks...K%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. Thanks, last year his main beams were about even with his nose.
  3. J.K.

    New Ssii Build P41

    Great looking Build
  4. A Few more Ltl acorn 5210a 940nm
  5. Heres a few from the P52. This was my 1st homebrew and its been out for almost 3yrs straight now Yote on the Primos Ultra 35 Cudde E3 X-Cam Blackout S600/SS1 I set this up hoping to get a few fox pics but all I get was 500 pics of coon and oppusum
  6. Looks like a few of them have been by the corn pile to much Flash set to -
  7. Set up this camera beside the house just to see what was around and this guy showed up.
  8. I'm 90% sure this is the big 10 i got pics of back in 2012. The last pic I got of him was in Sept. of 12' He has the same brows and frame as he did in 12' but he's a 9pt this yr I'll have to get more pics of his ear to see if he has the same small notches in them to be sure its him. Video Quality degraded alot after uploading. http://vimeo.com/102478716
  9. J.K.

    Wtb P32

    Got one Thanks
  10. Anyone have a P32 they'd be willing to part with? If so shoot me a PM Thanks, Jeff
  11. Interesting.... Wonder if mine will do the same