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  1. zaj56


    Awesome stuff Woody...I love getting Fisher pics here in SW Pa. They are fascinating creatures and its puzzling to me why they are so hated (like coyotes) by most hunters and landowners. I know a few Turkey hunters who feel they kill a lot of the Turkeys because they can get the turkeys while on the roost....not sure if thats true or myth?
  2. I agree Woody that the homebrew interest is not what it used to be....and its sad that more pictures aren't being posted(I'm guilty for that also) .But for me personally....picture quality is still my priority and the best commercial cams still can't come close to a good Panasonic or Sony homebrew. I have and use Browning and Reconyx commercial cameras and really like them(especially for IR videos) but when I really want that special picture I still use my trusty old homebrews.. I also like the fact that I can repair the HBs any time they fail. I have a few friends that have been using cellular cameras and every single one of them have had serious issues with them...I just think that they are not perfected yet
  3. zaj56

    18650 for externals on s40

    Never done it,,,,,,I guess it would work the fully charged 18650 is about 4v and the s-40 runs on 3v. Installing an inline diode on the positive wire would cut the voltage back a little. I use the 18650s to power the 3v slaves and they work fine.
  4. zaj56

    Messed up and...

    Thanks Ralph
  5. zaj56

    Messed up and...

    Bought a Vivitar 2800 to hack and now realized its a 2800D. Is it still not possible to hack these and if not....can I use the flash tube and capictor(brand new) for spare parts or are they different too?
  6. zaj56

    Game Watcher dip switches?

    Turn dip#1 to the ON position for the feeder setting (1 minute delay)
  7. zaj56

    Hawk Micro-Pro Camera Mount

    Keep us posted on these Bill
  8. zaj56

    Sony w90

    I'm pretty sure that will work fine. I get that message even I use a non Sony 3 terminal battery inside the camera.
  9. If they change their policy and want to charge a fee ...that is up to them, but blocking all pictures taken and legally posted on 3rd party sites is wrong .
  10. zaj56

    New Compact Build

    Real nice! Not only is it compact but the 2Cs will allow you keep it out for long periods at a time. Great job!
  11. zaj56

    Homebrew build with Reconyx specs?

    I really have never had the need for the burst mode but I am pretty sure that a homebrew could burst in the day and not at night. I"m guessing that 1 good colored night pic would be more valuble than a burst with 5 black and whites....but I could be wrong.. Refresh times on homebrews can be programmed to match the camera and slave flash. Most of the homebrew control boards have dip switches to adjust this.(as well as chip programming )The main problem with the excellent Reconyx and DSLR cams is the investment is at risk in the field! keep us posted
  12. zaj56

    W200 battery

    I pretty much do the exact same thing with the unprotected holders,,, but I have been lucky wih the protected holders and never had one go bad... I am using both,but still like the unprotected batteries better.... both ways are certainly safe though!
  13. zaj56

    Any Bear expers here??

    Thanks never thought is could be a splinter
  14. zaj56

    Homebrew build with Reconyx specs?

    I remember reading a couple years ago where a Reconyx was strapped to the same tree a sony s-600 homebrew was strapped to. the pic count was close with the homebrew having the slight edge. The ultra fast trigger speed of the Reconyx often is too fast ....triggering a picture before the subject is centered. This is where the burst is nice.. I feel the homerew sensors(HPWA) are superior and sense the subject sooner and the slower trigger speed of the homebrew captures the subject at just the right time thus really not needing the burst. (trigger speed is highly overrated IMO) The night time burst does give the edge to the Reconyx though as this really isn't possible with the homebrews...if thats what you want. I don't have any experience with the DSLRs....but I'm wondering if one couldn't be built for a comparable price to the ultra expensive Reconyx? I need the DSLR guys to chime in here.
  15. zaj56

    AA or C cell

    I would go with the Cs...but was always under the impression that for capacity that 2AAs=1C and 2Cs =1D