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  1. Crazycuda

    Custom made snorkels

    if anyone is interested in having a custom snorkel made for their latest build please let me know. Custom 3d Printed snorkels can be made to your specifications. I will CAD up the part if you have dimensions you would like. Please contact me at crazybarracuda@gmail.com if you are interested
  2. Crazycuda

    Sleeping Buck

    wow that is a cool shot. really neat to get a look into their daily life. if that was printed large i would hang that in my house. top quality picture
  3. Crazycuda

    Help With Nikon L11

    It's not like I need to fix this asap but I would like to so I won't be going through a lot of externals
  4. Crazycuda

    Help With Nikon L11

    The AF light is on the back toward the user on this camera. the manual says this is the Self Timer light on the front near the flash. i dont really want to have to tear it open just to cut the LED off so i was hoping it was a setting.
  5. Okay i need help figuring out how to shut off the self timer light on the Nikon L11 i have. i had it hacked for me by Bigbassmann and the camera functions amazingly but my only worry is immediately after putting in a set of batteries the self timer light on the front near the flash lights up. i have gone through the menus and the self timer is off but that red light is still on. It wouldnt be a big deal since i can just put some tape over it but I am looking at it like as the constant power draw on the batteries thus giving my cameras a shorter field life on a set of batteries. Anyone have that happen or have ideas on how to fix it?
  6. Crazycuda

    Panasonic Lz2 Homebrew

    i wish i would have see this build thread before my first one. Very nice build. One question for you is their a reason you couldnt use the flash just through the case without cutting a hole and installing glass or does it really mess up the range/brightness of the flash? Im in the planning stages to build my second which is a Panasonic FS7 build and i had so much trouble with the flash and snorkel on my first build i think even if i do similar to you i would be ages ahead of what i was normally think to do
  7. Crazycuda

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    the camera is all back together and I have tested it at home and all works great. just did the 3d camo using Beats the Nails. now it just need a good paint job and it will be out in the woods before I know it. cant wait to see what is lurking out in the woods!!!!
  8. Crazycuda

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    apparently when I made the snorkel I cut the pvc a little too short so there was an angle inside that I didn't think anything of that was too close to the lens and no matter how I located the camera in the case it was hitting it. no worries though my new one has more clearance. just a dumb mistake that cost me a few pieces of glass so it could have been worse
  9. Crazycuda

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    Checked the camera today and found a major issue. The lens wasn't extending fully and gave an error so it never took a photo. Got it home and found the lense hit the snorkel so I tried taking it off so I could build a new one. Well I broke the glass in that at the flash glass so with only one spare I'm stuck waiting for a replacement or 3 to be mailed to me. Ugh I just wanted it to work
  10. Crazycuda

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    camera is hopefully going out in the woods tonight after work on this weekend for the first field tests. so excited to see the results
  11. Crazycuda

    How Often Do You Check Your Cameras?

    out of season I just check them once a month and I really don't worry about scent control at that time. during or right before season I will check them every 2-3 weeks depending on the activity seen the last few pulls and I use scent control and just swap cards and new batteries if needed. I try to spend as short of time at the camera as possible
  12. Crazycuda

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    current progress. waiting for the goop to set up and then hopefully get some field testing this weekend
  13. Crazycuda

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    foam is on order so until that comes in I guess im waiting
  14. Crazycuda

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    Putting the rest of the parts I had together tonight and I have another question. How do you guys locate your cameras in the case so when the lens extends its lined up properly to the snorkel? Right now I have about 1/4 slop on all sides
  15. Crazycuda

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    Thanks for the concern about the plexi, I never thought about the UV yellowing. I just ordered some new glass and picked up some more foam to help the camera sit nice and snug in the case. I will probably end up attaching the glass on the exterior of the case and just making sure its all gooped up so it doesn't leak