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  1. Forum Upgrade

    Good Job, looks nice!
  2. Slave Flash

    Picked up a Viv 3700 in a 1040 Pelican case earlier this year from Johnnydear. Now this lights up the neighborhood!!
  3. Forgot The Sd Card

    Been there, Done that
  4. Remembering 911 Never Forget

    I worked for Waukesha Engine (Dresser) back then. WED had the backup Power Generation in the basements of the towers. The 6, 12 Cyl. VHP's were running as the buildings were coming down.
  5. White Flash Vs Ir

    I've only been camming for a little over 5 years and I can probably count on one hand the number of time game have been spooked by the white flash. I think the main reason the IR and Black flashes were developed were to avoid camera detection. If you don't see the flash how do you know the cam is there, right?
  6. Anybody Ever Do This?

    Haven't we all done it at some point in time? After I've made my changes and close it back up, I trigger it. That way I know its ready.
  7. Best Commercial Cam?

    The Browning Strike Force is a good unit and easy on batteries. Also Covert's have a good lineup and they are also easy on batteries. But all have their issues, and if you have to use the warranty both stand behind their product pretty well.
  8. These are a few pics from a kit I got from Johnny Deer Hunter. If a White Flash cam scares deer I sure don't see it in these pics.
  9. P41 Pictures

    Antler King Food Plot. We kinda got carried away.
  10. Just a couple of pics from a P41. This was a kit I got from Trail Cam Kits, AKA Johnny Deer Hunter.
  11. Cougars Spotted In Wi

    It was the Cops vs. The Kitty and the Kitty won. Should have seen it on the news, it was a real Circus!
  12. Cleaning Out My Garage Today I Found This

    Keep us posted
  13. Here's an interesting couple of pictures. One picture was taken by a Covert MP6, the other is from a JDH P41. I have never had anything like this before, so I thought I would share. CSB
  14. Radio Shack Going Outa Business?

    I saw this in the Milwaukee, Wi. Journal/Sentinel this week. http://hosted2.ap.org/WIMIL/2e15f4b356024e...87c2dad901d8af2
  15. To bad, but at least you found him. CB