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  1. PCB Board House To Avoid

    Thanks Ghoot! ...
  2. PCB Board House To Avoid

    Thanks for the reminder. How are they in regards to pricing? Comparable to overseas?
  3. PCB Board House To Avoid

    What is your first choice in board houses? I have a simple little board designed that I'd love to put on a PCB for my camera's! I'm at a loss on where to go, and what is needed to make it happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Bloody Post Velvet Shots

    Interested in the "mega flash cap mod". Is there a link? In terms of flash output, how would you compare the flash with a cam not using it? Thanks, and nice pics!
  5. Need A Couple 5-wire Servo Connectors ...

    Yeah...SnapshotSniper is the way to go!!! Thanks!
  6. Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    If that's NOT it, it's certainly an excellent clone! Thank you, thank you, thank you ... everyone! ...
  7. If anyone can spare a couple, I need (2) 5-wire servo connectors. Anyone have a couple they could sell? (So sorry Moderators. I'm not yet an "advanced" member, and couldn't post in the appropriate forum)
  8. Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    Excellent !!! Yes. Please share the info with me. Thanks a million!
  9. Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    Not sure I follow you Hill Hopper. Are you trying to say this could very well be one of your builds? If it is, that'd be awesome! Any insight into the use of the switches would be most helpful. I can power up the board, depress the "test" button, and the LED will come on. The "delay" button confuses me, as does the switches.
  10. Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    Thanks. I'll definitely keep your offer in mind. Much appreciated!
  11. Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    The board actually powers up, insomuch as the led comes on and goes back off. But, since the camera is dead, I currently have no way to test. I bought a replacement cam today, so I'll hack it in a few days and know something more concrete. I'll take your advice on the touch up. Thanks.
  12. Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    Thanks for looking Hill Hopper. If anything/anyone comes to mind, please let me know. At this point, I'm gonna replace the cam and just cross my fingers. If it works, some tinkering may provide some clues on the switch settings. Thanks everyone!
  13. Newest Build

    In a nut shell, the flash capacitor stores the energy necessary to create the flash. The larger the capacitor, the greater the stored energy. This stored energy is released in its entirety instantaneously to create the cameras flash. Too large, and it will cause permanent damage to your device. The term "refresh" is used to define the act of "refreshing" the capacitors stored charge to ensure adequate light is emitted when needed. You see, capacitors can sometimes drain themselves when left idle for long periods between use. Hope that helps somewhat without sounding too technical ... (:
  14. Newest Build

    With any luck, maybe he'll reply soon ...