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    P32 F/s (hacked) Sold

    wow.....i can't believe this is still for sale! You can't even buy one this cheap on ebay!!!, let lone already hacked.
  2. hungryman

    My Name Is Emmet And I Have A Problem

    wow....having all those cameras, looks like a GOOD problem! cleaver ideer using that sled, I would never have thought of that. we never get snow....lots of rain. by the time i got out with my cameras they would look like green apples bobbing in a barrel. :D
  3. archer.....do you still have the p32 ? archer Ill t----r---y to send you a PM
  4. archer.....do you still have the p32 ?
  5. hungryman

    Too Much Flash!

    buckhunter1 I tryed putting the white plastic from a milk jug over the flash.........I could not see that it made any differance. At least my eyes couldn't detect any differance. It didn't seem to effect the range or the quality of the pics though. hungryman
  6. hungryman

    Too Much Flash!

    does anyone know how to set up a homebrew so the strobe flash doesn't go off so often? It basically utilizes flash everytime it sees the woods because of the shaded thick canopy here in western oregon. I have turned the flash completly off under those same conditions and the pics turn out fine, so it really doesn't need flash all the time! I think it just likes abusing my batteries :lol: I might as well string a banner between two big trees saying "here it is, come steal it!" it sees the ambiant light through the fresnel lens...so darkening the lens with a felt marker would just make it worse, is that right? :| Anyone ? hungryman
  7. hungryman

    Too Much Flash!

    kdornski buckhunter1 dgrad thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Iv'e tryed tinting materials over the flash and it does help hide the flash but at the expense of pict quality and flash distance. I've not tryed the milk jug material so i would like to try that. I will get back to everyone with the results from that. Since i made this post i recieved a reply back on one of the other forums correcting my thinking process. I thought there was something on the outside of the camera that determines light and i may be able to alter it and trick the camera into delaying the flash. It sounds like it determines ambiant light through the lens and that is what triggers the flash. I adjusted the EV setting to +2 ,which gives more light through the lens hoping to delay the flash but no go. As Rick said it may have to be done through the control board. Rick Gray A special treat from a forum celebrity and fellow Oregonion. Thank you for your very thought out suggestions using a differant board along with all those other little "gadgets" you referred to. That was exactly what i had in mind. (kidding) :D You lost me when you started referring to pic axes and 3rd button hacks (i've not conquered the single button hack, yet!). I very much envy people that have the training and knowledge because it seems it would be an absolute blast to solder all those little "firecrackers" together and end up with something that actually works! I absolutely believe your suggestion will work it's just a little more than i wanted to be involved in. Hoping for a simple solution and it doesn't sound like there is one. Thanks just the same. hungryman
  8. very nice thing you're doing Befus......you might just be helping out the next BIll Gates! hungryman
  9. hungryman

    P41 & S40

    ok thanks buckhunter1
  10. hungryman

    P41 & S40

    Thanks for the welcome........sorry don't know what the heck i was even thinking, mines a s600. My outdoor night pics have a lot of white spots on them, i'm thinking its gonna give up one of these times and was just contemplating a replacement. I'll keep looking , thanks hungryman
  11. hungryman

    P41 & S40

    sorry new at this.........is the stereo jack 2.5mm or 3.5mm on the p41 ?
  12. hungryman

    Ssii Addon Boards

    ok thanks..............
  13. hungryman

    Ssii Addon Boards

    johnydeerhunter.......will this work on a v3 pixcontroller board? I have a 4 wire s600 that i would like to not retract all the way in when it shuts down. hungryman