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  1. Okay, one of you genius need to start selling camo-dipped 3D'd snorkels. While you are at it, 3D some tree bark on the case.
  2. Rrab58

    Safari Anyone?

    I would buy one if I knew how to utilize it!! I'm still in the Homebrew 101, and I may not make pass. Super nice though. Very innovative!
  3. Rrab58

    Hey Befus, These Are Especially For You

    Is that white-flash on turkeys? It don't look like it bothers them.
  4. Rrab58

    Hey Befus, These Are Especially For You

    That's some nice pictures. I'm still working on my first build, hope mine turn out half as nice as these.
  5. Rrab58

    Hagshouse Problems?

    No problems here and I've signed on a lot!
  6. Rrab58

    More Video Stills

    Nice pictures!
  7. Rrab58

    Blasts From The Past

    Great pictures, glad you shared them.
  8. Rrab58

    Hunting Elk Sheds

    Any luck on the other shed?
  9. Rrab58

    Hunting Elk Sheds

    Man! pictures and stories like this keeps the fire burning in an otherwise dull part of year! When you can feel the enthusiasm of people involved and hopeful for their achievement it's great story! I'll be waiting for the next chapter and a picture of club. Great pics and good luck. I go backbacking/camping in Co a couple of times every year. I see a few Elk, deet and bear sign. I need to figure out how to incorporate both hobbies together.
  10. Rrab58

    Canon Sd500

    This is from a Canon SD630. Buttons are made on ribbon material instead of a board.
  11. Rrab58

    Bg1 Battery Question

    Some camera makers have added circuitry that prevents the use of third party batteries. It may be embedded in camera firmware, but not sure.