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  1. wmeixsell

    Helping Ralph Out A Bit Here

    If anyone is in need of something simple that doesn't need the Boss's expertise I can help you out till Ralph opens back up. I have plenty of boards and supplies on hand if your in a pinch and can't wait till Ralph returns. I have a pic-axe so if you need a program I don't have Ralph can always email me the code and I can install it. Whatever you need can be squared up with Ralph when he returns and he can replace mine whenever he gets to it. Just trying to help the Boss out and keep things going somewhat for him while he takes care of his moving.
  2. wmeixsell

    Happy Birthday Rena

    Happy Birthday Baby I hope you have a wonderful day full of surprises. You are my world baby enjoy your day !!!! I love you
  3. wmeixsell

    Got A Nice Surprise

    Anytime boss, anytime!!!! Rena's reply pretty much says it all.. And I have to be honest the credit for this goes to the pretty little lady !!! I'm glad you're happy with it and hope it serves you well.
  4. wmeixsell

    A503 Safari Day/night Exchanger Build

    Very nice build baby and sorry I ruffled your feathers !!! I didn't do it intentionally trust me, making you think makes you a better builder!! I knew you would figure it out eventually and yes guy's it will be a bit uncomfortable sitting for a few days but I will manage lol. BTW all this bashing on me will give me a complex ya know !! Thank you Ralph for being there for her. And once again SORRY!! Love you baby!!!
  5. Yesterday was a very special day for Ghoot and Missy as they entered there daughter Ensley in a pageant and was crowned Jr. Miss Oklahoma 2016 !!!! Congratulations Ensley !!! And congratulations Ghoot and Missy the proud parents !!!
  6. wmeixsell

    New Build Fella's

    And another great job baby, very well done !! You know at this rate I may never have to build another camera again....I just may be joining Ken on retiring, then we both can hang on Ebay and look for cameras for you guy's ( sorry boss) it was just an idea . Anyway you came a long way since your first cam as I too. I am very happy and very proud of what you have accomplished. Keep up the good work(um I mean hobbie) and you will be just fine. Just remember you have at least 3 video builds waiting to be done yet LOL. And with that being said I would like to say you are the best thing that ever happened to me, just wanted you to know. Love You Baby
  7. wmeixsell

    Happy Birthday Wmeixsell!

    Thanks Everyone !!!
  8. Happy Anniversary Gary & Missy Kohout, may you have a wonderful day and be blessed with many more to come !!!!!