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  1. Payment sent for 3) Ultimate Camo 1425's 2) Mothwing 1425's 1) Clear 1425 1) Black Otter 3000 4) Mothwing/Grey HPWA's 2) Ultimate Camo Snorkels 2) Raw Aluminum Snorkels
  2. wvridgerunner

    Another Fs7 Complete

    I'm not sure what you mean? I've seen no difference between having the hinges on top or bottom, I just prefer the hinge on top layout. The cost really depends on how much you pay for the camera. I had about $150 in this build. This setup probably wouldn't be good for setting and leaving for 4+ months at a time because it uses AA's, but I estimate it should be able to take between 1,100-1,600 pics, depending on the battery quality, temps, and how many flash pics it takes.
  3. wvridgerunner

    S600 Black Screen

    Have you popped the memory card in a computer to review the pics? If the pics are good on the pc, you should just be able to swap the lcd and fix the problem.
  4. wvridgerunner

    Another Fs7 Complete

    Here are some pics of a new build I just finished. Panasonic FS7, SSII board in a black Pelican 1020 case. I added a toggle switch for power, security pipe, 6AA externals, 3d camo, 3d printed snorkel and a screw in mount on the back. This one was built for someone else, but I definitely want to make one of these for myself soon. The FS7 takes amazing closeup pics.
  5. wvridgerunner

    Project Box For Slave Flash

    Those are the ones I use for my Viv Slaves in 1060 and 3250 cases. That box is just a tiny bit too wide for fitting in the top of an Otter 3250, so I trim off the sides just to the outside of the lid screw posts, still looks clean and works great. I don't know if the box would accommodate a 3700 slave assembly + capacitor, but it easily holds all components of a 2000, 2600, or 2800. This is the seller I purchase mine from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/5PCS-DIY-Plastic-E...SYAAOSwzgBYyORG
  6. wvridgerunner

    Do These Ir P32 Pics Look Clear To You Guys?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Does the higher EV value wash out the day pics at all? If so, I can just do a batch edit in photoshop to brighten all the night pics at once.
  7. wvridgerunner

    Do These Ir P32 Pics Look Clear To You Guys?

    I'm using the program mode, infinity focus iso 400 + flash fine pic quality.
  8. As the title says, what do you guys think of these pics? This is the first no glass IR p32 conversion I've done that seems to be at least semi successful. My first 2 attempts ended with me taking too much material off the IR filter holder. The pics look pretty good to me, but I don't have any other P32 IR pics to compare with. The pic of the camper is a little grainy, but I think the focus is pretty good. I did tweak the brightness slightly so I could see the "Montana" logo a bit better. The camper is around 50ft, the bush about 18-20ft, and the cat around 10ft.
  9. wvridgerunner

    P32 Build Older Ss Board

    I'm thinking the board should arm itself after 30 seconds of no motion, but it could be 1 minute. The board probably isn't arming itself and taking pics because it keeps detecting motion while in test mode (hence the blinking). You need to place the cam pointing somewhere that it won't detect motion for at least 30 seconds. Then, the red light should blink fast 5-10x to tell you it's entering pic mode. Then it should start snapping pics. Also, you might wanna make sure to use a fresh 9v battery. I've had boards do strange things when the battery is low.
  10. wvridgerunner

    18650 6000mah

    You can use a small magnet to convert a flat top into a "button cell": http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-magnets-to-conve...HkAAOSw44BYUNLc
  11. wvridgerunner

    18650 6000mah

    Honestly, in my experience, those fake mah rating 18650's are a waste of money. The actual capacity is probably less than a AA rechargeable, but they slap a ridiculous 6000mah label just so people will buy them. You're much better off sticking with a name brand cell like Panasonic or Olight if you want the best performance. If an 18650 cell is advertised with a capacity higher than 3600mah, you should avoid them or at the very least be aware the capacity rating is false.
  12. wvridgerunner

    2 New Builds: Fs7 And S40

    Just put the finishing touches on these today. The first is a Panasonic FS7/Pelican 1020/SSII with 6aa external power, pipethrough and 3d camo. I had some trouble with this cam when I connected it to the SSII, it wouldn't power up or take pics unless I had the camera powered on. Finally fixed the problem by swapping the power and common wires, works perfectly now. The second is a Sony S40/Small Walmart Case/SSII, 2D externals, pipethrough, and 3d camo. I've had this build partially completed for over a year, finally got around to finishing it up.
  13. wvridgerunner

    Winter Wonderland

    Amazing photo! Here I am complaining about the 2" of snow and 30 degree temps in WV today. It has been 50-70 degrees here almost every day since Thanksgiving, I guess I got spoiled lol.
  14. wvridgerunner

    New P41 And S600 Builds

    I've been wanting to use a steel box like that Woody, just haven't done it yet. I bought a smaller A/C disconnect box for the 1020 size case... I think I'm gonna use it on my next W55 vertical 1020 build. You can easily fit a W55, 6AA externals, pipethrough, and an SSII in the 1020 vertically, makes for a great build. Even with the steel box added, it should still be fairly compact and lightweight.
  15. wvridgerunner

    New P41 And S600 Builds

    Oh ok, yeah I definitely had to do some grinding, but you can't really see that in the finished build due to the textured paint and rope seal. This is my first s600 build using a 1040, I'm liking this setup better than the Otter 3000's I normally use.