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  1. Price drop $70 each TYD or $125 for both.
  2. Here are 2 fast hacked white flash S600's, tested and working properly. Stereo jack hacks. The cam on the left is missing the power button but can be turned on with a pen or other small object, the review pictures switch doesn't seem to work either. Boards are powered with 4 AA's. Cam on the left has AA & C externals. Each comes with a 1GB memory stick. $80 each TYD or $145 for both.
  3. Sorry, I'm not sure. I know the cameras work like normal, lens cover is not glued. The a hack wires would be easy enough to test
  4. One camera is IR the other two are not. I'm not sure about your other questions but these were paired up with pix controller boards
  5. Can anyone use these? $25 TYD for all pictured below
  6. I've been getting pictures of this fawn for the past month, I think it's unusually late to still have spots? I assumed he'd grow out of them by now, this pic was from Nov. 5th. Must've been the runt.
  7. He know's the camera is there, you think he's trying to hide?
  8. droopy

    My Brothers Bow Booner

    What a beast! Love the typical 12 point frame. Congrats to your bro
  9. I have some old slave flash parts that I'd like to use on an A503 build if at all possible. I'm trying to find some info on them to see if they will work and how to wire them up. I have 2 of everything, they were in working D380 builds. Can anyone help me out? These came from "bowarrow" here, here's all the info he could give me: "The slave flash is a vivitar 2000 slave. You can tell the board number by looking at the front of the board. The 2000 had a variety of boards in their flash assy's so each flash could have a different board model number. The slave board is probably a board I got from a member years ago who no longer makes them. His name was JonJon I do believe. If there isn't a name on either side of the board then it isn't a bigfoot or RCDavis board. Sorry but that's all I can remember."
  10. Do the lithiums work better in a503's than other cameras? I understand the benefit in them but boy are they expensive. I've grown to like eneloops, change them every time I check cams whether they need it or not. And it's not a big deal to hack for externals while your inside the camera.
  11. This might have been my issue. I ran the external wires along side the slave power wires and put some heat shrink over them. I noticed an area on the wire insulation that look melted so I cut the heat shrink off and peeled them apart. The external wires were the only ones damaged but I'm not sure if the wires were actually shorting or only became exposed when I peeled them apart. Is there a reason I shouldn't run the external wires with the slave power wires? Could they have melted themselves or did I possibly get it too hot when putting the heat shrink on? I'm going to put this out with no externals hooked up and see how it works. I might just eliminate the externals if theres no refresh on the setup. Does anyone know if the Safari board/ a503 with a slave has a refresh?
  12. Well this one has me flustered Sammy a503 with Safari board & flash backpacker, 2800 slave. Using eneloops for everything (I know it's not recommended for the board) but the cam is what's giving me fits. I came to check on it twice now and it was dead, couldn't believe it was eating thru 2AA's and 2 externals in a couple weeks but thought I might have bad batteries. Put some freshly charged ones in and it didn't work, now thinking cam was toast. Throw some more freshly charged eneloops in and the cam powers up and says "Low Battery". Try a variation of charged batteries and the thing finally powers up. Set the cam, go through test mode, let the camera arm and it won't take any pics. Open it up, cam won't turn on. Turn it off and on manually and it works, arm the camera again and it starts taking pics. What gives? I'm thinking it's a camera issue, but I've left it connect to the board while messing with it (board power off). That shouldn't matter, right?
  13. droopy

    P41 Always Flashing

    Sometimes the problem is staring you right in the face. You guys are right. I've been dealing with a lot of different camera issues lately and have overlooked the simplest solution. Every once in awhile a fresh mind on the topic is all that's needed.