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  1. Sony S600 with Snapshot Sniper LCD board in Plano case, good working condition but the review picture switch on the camera is finicky. Has pipe through and I'll include a python lock. $75 TYD Pictures from this cam
  2. Fast hack Sony S600 with Yeti board in Plano case, good working condition. Has pipe through and I'll include a python lock. $75 TYD Pictures from this camera
  3. 3 pictured but only 2 left. These boards work with the fast hacked Sony S600's I have for sale. They were removed from builds that had camera problems but I tested them with a good camera. $20 each TYD
  4. I have 3 fast hacked white flash Sony S600's. Each comes with (2) 1GB memory cards and the stereo jack wire. 2 are wired for externals. Camera's have been tested and work properly. $40 each TYD
  5. Here are 2 Sony P41 IR hacks with a Bigfoot control boards mounted in Pelican 1060 cases. One works, the other had water in the case after I left it out all year. The board still works when I swap cameras but the camera is probably toast. Sometimes it tries to come on when the board powers up but it shuts off right away. $50 for both TYD
  6. Price drop $70 each TYD or $125 for both.
  7. Here are 2 fast hacked white flash S600's, tested and working properly. Stereo jack hacks. The cam on the left is missing the power button but can be turned on with a pen or other small object, the review pictures switch doesn't seem to work either. Boards are powered with 4 AA's. Cam on the left has AA & C externals. Each comes with a 1GB memory stick. $80 each TYD or $145 for both.
  8. Sorry, I'm not sure. I know the cameras work like normal, lens cover is not glued. The a hack wires would be easy enough to test
  9. One camera is IR the other two are not. I'm not sure about your other questions but these were paired up with pix controller boards
  10. Can anyone use these? $25 TYD for all pictured below