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  1. arrowsmith

    Wet circuit boards?

    We have looked closer at the board and since we don't have a lot of knowledge about working on the boards, I'm thinking about seeing if I could hire someone who has those qualifications. Any idea how I can find a good qualified person in the Minneapolis area who would do this? Here's a close-up photo of the worst looking part of the board. Interesting how the rust seems to be on every other screw, does that have to do with polarity? Also, if I use WD-40, don't I risk shorting something out? Thanks
  2. arrowsmith

    Wet circuit boards?

    By the way, I don't know if that's a solenoid, it doesn't look like the solenoids, I'm familiar with. It does look to be sealed. Here's a closer photo, maybe you could tell me.
  3. arrowsmith

    Wet circuit boards?

    Thanks guys! If I do try the WD-40, should I spray it directly onto the components? It seems like that might risk shorting things out.
  4. arrowsmith

    Wet circuit boards?

    This is not a game camera issue, but many of you guys are so good with electronics that I thought I'd send this note to see if some of you have advice. I'm disabled and use a power wheelchair and recently was on a dock that broke and I went down in the lake. Luckily, it did not go over my head, but the entire electronics controller went underwater (along with the motors and batteries). The chair is built very rugged and is great for outdoors but unfortunately they've gone out of business and no one makes one comparable. I'd like to keep this one running so when I got out of the water, we quickly disconnected power. When we got home, we took it apart and have been letting it dry out. That was roughly 3 weeks ago. Here's a photo of the inside of the controller boards, is there something I can put on these that will help prevent rust/corrosion? I'm getting ready to put it together and hope that it works but would like to do everything I can to give it the best chance. Thanks guys!
  5. arrowsmith

    Winter photos from 2019

    Thanks guys! We had frozen meat scraps from butchering venison. It is usually good for a few photos in the wintertime.
  6. We haven't posted photos for quite some time and just recently picked up cameras that have been out all winter. We thought we'd post a few. They are from the 600 & 41 cameras.
  7. Great photos Chuck!
  8. arrowsmith

    New build

    Nice quality photos!
  9. arrowsmith

    Lithium-ion batteries

    Thanks guys!! Good to see a few familiar faces are still here!! We will definitely get more photos out this year! We've heard some good things about a new 360 commercial camera. Would like to get one give it a try.
  10. arrowsmith

    Lithium-ion batteries

    I've been away from this site for a long time and been a bit out of touch. I wanted ask what people are using for batteries, what is preferred? Have people been using lithium-ion for trail cameras? If so, do they hold a charge well in winter temperatures? Thanks much!
  11. Looks good, I suppose it's about time for bears too
  12. arrowsmith


    Thanks guys!