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    Bow Hunting, Karate, Gardening, Shopping for girl stuff(lol), Love being outdoors, Cooking&Baking, and of course building trail cams!!
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  1. Rena Reed

    Fuji Jz700

    Fuji JZ700 RCDavis SMT Safari, Opto Backpacker, Slave Backpacker, 2800 Slave, Dual Mics, arrow shaft for pipe-through, 3 AA's for Safari power, 3 AA's for camera's external power, 4 C's for slave power and a RCDavis Adjustable Mount. This camera does daytime stills and or 60 second videos in full 1080p and nighttime stills with slave flash or 24 hour stills.
  2. Rena Reed

    Happy Turkey Day

    Bill and I would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving !!!!
  3. Rena Reed

    Happy Birthday Jonnie!

    Happy Birthday from Bill and I !!!
  4. Rena Reed

    Happy Birthday Bigbassmann

    Happy Birthday Ralph, we hope you have a wonderful day !!!! Rena & Bill
  5. Rena Reed

    Happy Birthday Badgerbuckhunter

    Happy Birthday from Bill and I !!
  6. Rena Reed

    Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary !

    Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary to Ralph and Marilyn Davis from Bill and I !!!!! We hope you two have a wonderful day and many, many more !!!!!
  7. Rena Reed

    Wife Lung Cancer

    Thoughts and prayers for you both Ben during this difficult time from Bill and I.
  8. Rena Reed


    Happy Birthday Jon from Bill and I !!!!!! Sorry we are late just been busy. We hope you had a great day !!
  9. Rena Reed

    First Time For Everything

    Hmmmmm geesh Hun that camera looks very familiar Haha. Anyway great catch and another job well done . Thanks for sharing this very useful info with us. See this is why everyone comes to you !!!!!
  10. Rena Reed

    Bill's Back

    Hiya guy's update on Bill's back. Bill was doing great with his therapy and was starting to walk a little better. Then last Sunday he got up out of bed and was a bit groggy and must have blacked out and fell down the stairs which is a flight of 12. My sister and I had been downstairs in kitchen when this happened. I just wish he would have called for one of us to help him BUT as stubborn as he is well you know the rest. So while he was in the hospital he was complaining that his left leg had been going numb quite often, sometimes 4-5 times a day. So they done some tests and did a CAT scan and the results revealed a compression fracture in L4-L5 so he will need Spinal Fusion Surgery to repair it. Bill is scheduled for surgery tomorrow Tuesday 7/26 at 10:30 am. Please join me in a prayer and wish Bill well on his surgery and for a healthy and speedy recovery. Love Rena
  11. Rena Reed

    Happy Birthday Rena

    Thank you baby, I love you too
  12. Rena Reed

    Happy Birthday Rena

    Thank you all for the Birthday love . I had a lovely day my sisters surprised me with horseback riding and Bill well he outdid himself again, he planned a hot air balloon ride for the two of us. Something I always dreamed of doing, he made me so happy for it was something I had never expected in a million years!!!! Again thank you so much luvs !!! Love Rena
  13. Rena Reed

    Bill's Back

    Hiya guy's sorry I haven't been on sooner just been hectic here lately. Took Bill to his surgery and and didn't get home till late that night. Then had to get up and pick him up at hospital get home and get ready for my first day of work. I had to make arrangements to work 3-11 that day because I had to pick Bill up at hospital. Then get home from work that night and strait to bed to get back up at 6 to be to work for my regular day 7-3. So yeah I needed my beauty sleep haha!! Okay so turns out Bill's back was in worst shape than we had thought. He had Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in L4-L5 and L5-S1 . MicroD surgery now turned into open incision Discectomy/Laminectomy in which they had to remove part of the back vertebrae to get to the affected area to relieve the pressure on his nerves. Bill will be fine in the days to come but he will be sore for some time. He will be on down time for close to 8 weeks to give time for the nerves and muscles to heal. Bill wishes he could be here and do this for himself but it's very hard for him to sit for to long before it gets to uncomfortable. I'm sure within a few weeks you will be seeing him as the pain subsides. We both would like to thank all who were concerned for Bill's health, as it was very appreciated. Also a special TY to my sister Kimmy for taking care of Bill while I am at work Thank you so much sis !! Love Rena
  14. Rena Reed

    Happy 4th Of July !

    Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July, and please stay safe !!!! Rena and Bill
  15. Rena Reed

    Happy Anniversary Paul (pdskal)

    Happy 17th Anniversary to Paul and Jessie may you both have many many more!!!!! Rena and Bill