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  1. camtrapperdoa

    Any Bear expers here??

    Hi zaj, nice photo! Yes they are supposed to have five toes. If it is indeed an extra toe or nail, then it is a mutation. I am no bear expert, so I don't know the prevalence of such mutations in bear populations.. However, you can notice the coloration of the extra nail is off compared to the other nails. This may be an indication that it is something else, perhaps a splinter or a scar?
  2. camtrapperdoa

    Homebrew build with Reconyx specs?

    I see. thanks for the info zaj! I would definitely like to try one or a few builds to see how they compare to the Reconyx. If only I could bypass the night-burst limitation somehow. You see, burst is also useful for individual recognition. If a jaguar walks past the camera, it helps to have five pics to use for coat pattern recognition instead of one, because he may not be in a favorable position for recognition in some pics. What's the cooldown time like on homebrews? So if the camera is not set to burst mode, but is set to arm again once it has taken a photo. Okay just spitballing here...I suppose it wouldn't be possible to set the camera to burst mode in daytime, but normal mode at night? And how about if an external flash is used? If a DSLR build is possible for a comparable price, that would be interesting. However, the camouflage would have to be good, meaning it should not look like there's an expensive camera inside. Otherwise, theft would become a common problem.
  3. camtrapperdoa

    Homebrew build with Reconyx specs?

    I would possibly be able to try because the stated speed of Reconyx's under 1 second often disappoints. That would be a problem... Does anyone know of a camera that keeps the flash on? They would be the most amazing pictures indeed! Alas, not in the budget
  4. camtrapperdoa


    Well I have done extensive online research on this topic. What I found was that eneloops are best, but they were previously made in Japan. Now that they are made in China the performence has dropped. The factory in Japan that made them is now making Ikea ladda and Amazonbasics high capacity batteries which are thus, according to some, rebranded eneloop pro batteries. The specs seem to fit and you can get them for a fraction of the price of eneloops. Unfortunately I have not been able to test them out myself yet, but when I buy new batteries I will certainly go for the Ikea or Amazon. If anyone here happens to test them out, please tell us how they perform. My two cents
  5. Hi there fellow trappers, this is my first post on here. I have been pondering about this for a while now. Is it possible to do a build that functions somewhat like a Reconyx hyperfire pro? The specific functions I would be looking for are: 1. It must be able to fire three to five photos in succession. 2. It must do so rapidly (preferably within a second). 3. It should be able to have a delay after taking photos (e.g. 3 minute delay before sensor is active again) Other important functions could be sensor and flash range. Let me provide some background: The Reconyx cameras that are in use right now are being used for scientific research here in the tropical forests of Suriname (So the parts would have to be shipped to Suriname but that's another matter). It is important that we don't miss the animals when they walk in front of the cameras. That's why the five pics in rapid succession. I don't know if the control boards are able to do this, so any input is welcome. Reconyx is the top brand concerning camera traps, in the speed of captures as well as photo quality. However, the reasons I am looking into homebrews are: - Reconyx is very expensive - The quality of photos shot by homebrews seems to surpass that available through commercial cameras (at least to my eye) Is it possible to achieve any of these things with homebrews, and do you think it would be worth the venture?