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      Prayers for a longtime Member   11/05/2017

      The Church mass shooting that happened today, was Peggy Wardens Church. She was one of the people killed today and her grandson was shot in the arm and is in surgery. Lets keep her in our thoughts and prayers. I made a topic in the "Cabin" I will keep everyone updated as I get information.


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  1. Great pictures ..
  2. Bear baiting pics 08-26-2017

    Great round of bears. Keep them coming.
  3. Finally got some cams out. The pictures are from FS7 and an FS3. The night picture had a remote baby slave paired with it to get that flash. The FS3 is set up at an old scrape from last year and the FS7 is set up at a well used trail through the bush. These mule deer will do some growing yet. Daryl
  4. I'm alive!

    Hey Paul ... sometimes ones life goes in to many directions at once. No biggy. Finally got a whack of cams out and hope to post some stills and videos soon. I too was finding a hard time to keep up but found a few spare weeks to put out cams and catch up on the forums. Daryl
  5. Hawk Micro-Pro Camera Mount

    They look very interesting and like the many angles a person can achieve.
  6. I now will have more opportunities in 2017. I have built a couple SZ7 to go with the SZ02 I already have. Piles of work to build the video cams but give a different perspective to trail cams and another reason to be out there.
  7. New Compact Build

    Great looking build. Compact as well.
  8. Batteries

    I have used the original enoloops piles and the amazon basics quite a bit now as well. A wee bit early for me to be totally convinced and assured, but so far they seem to be a true performer. They have worked equally well up here in our colder Saskatchewan winter climate. Similar to the enoloops.
  9. W200 battery

    Same here. Use 3 rechargeable AA's.
  10. Sw Minnesota Trail Pics 06-08-2017

    What do you have the cam set up on to aquire the water photos? Great location
  11. Sw Minnesota Trail Pics 06-08-2017

    The fawns are spectacular...
  12. Video Clips From The Bear Site

    Great videos ...
  13. Sw Minnesota Trail Pics 05-30-2017

    There are definitely some spectacular photos in there. You always have some dandies.
  14. Sw Minnesota Trail Pics 05-14-2017

    Super waterfowl pictures. You have terrific spots and setups for those.
  15. Sw Minnesota Trail Pics 05-04-2017

    Wow .. what a great culmination of pictures. Great camera placement.