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  1. I have used the original enoloops piles and the amazon basics quite a bit now as well. A wee bit early for me to be totally convinced and assured, but so far they seem to be a true performer. They have worked equally well up here in our colder Saskatchewan winter climate. Similar to the enoloops.
  2. Same here. Use 3 rechargeable AA's.
  3. What do you have the cam set up on to aquire the water photos? Great location
  4. The fawns are spectacular...
  5. Great videos ...
  6. There are definitely some spectacular photos in there. You always have some dandies.
  7. Super waterfowl pictures. You have terrific spots and setups for those.
  8. Wow .. what a great culmination of pictures. Great camera placement.
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Great pictures..... What scenery as well...
  11. Really? LOL! ... I better take another look. Thats even better. awesome... Daryl
  12. Another great round of pictures again. The waterfowl are super, the owl looks disturbed, the fox is spectacular.
  13. You will be back before you know it. As others have stated these things improve and procedures have evolved. Have a speedy recovery and you will be back at it soon.
  14. Happy birthday
  15. Happy Birthday