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    GoPro builds with white light array

    Thanks .... 4 to 5 seconds
  2. These are both GoPro Hero2 builds. Both are plumbed using waterproof connectors and both can accept the white light arrays. The lights are 18w Cree Flood LED lights. To power those there are four 18650 batteries. One I am gonna use for day video only and the other one will be rigged with the lights. Ralph figured the hack out a while back and it is fairly easy to accomplish. I used the GoPro waterproof cases that they came with to lock or hold the GoPro's in place inside the build. The control board is Ralphs Safari with the mosfet backpacker. Ralph has the board programmed with 8 different options from day video, night video, 30 sec delays, 60 sec delays and even time lapse. I have the CDS going into a glass bottle at the bottom of the case and this is also where i placed my microphone for the GoPro. I gotta thank Chris (cameratrapcodger) for answering the many questions to get me interested in this build and also the help he provided. Chris has many videos taken with these GoPro's. Plus I gotta thank Joe Zanke as well for helping me with battery choices since I new nothing of 18650's. Also like to thank Ralph for his assistance and for figuring out the many hacks for us to utilize such as this one. Thanks guys! Your help does not go unnoticed. Daryl Dean
  3. ghosthunters

    Sambar hind

    Good photo Trevor ........... Keep them coming my friend.
  4. ghosthunters

    4K Action Cam

    Great stuff guys...
  5. ghosthunters

    GoPro Hero HD trail cam

    Pretty cool stuff Ralph. Can’t wait to set out mine and see what I can drum up for videos as well. What is the make of 18650 batteries you are using in the light side of the build?
  6. Nice pics... deer seem to be busy. I presume searching for food at this time of year
  7. Good assortment. We have some young deer carrying horns still up here in Canada as well. Yet also had Mules and whitetails dropping at end of December into mid January..
  8. ghosthunters

    Trail Camera on the Trail

    Busy little spot. Captured a great variety ...
  9. ghosthunters

    4K Action Cam

    Looks good ... can wait to see the results in the complete build and the vids it takes ...
  10. ghosthunters

    f ox

    Good pose good picture.
  11. ghosthunters

    Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    I have an LZ8. I like the fact that the 8 takes two AA’s inside the camera. Does the LZ10 as well? How many MP is the the 10 ? Thanks Daryl
  12. ghosthunters

    Just a Couple More

    Well they look pretty awesome today. I guess we all started at a beginning somewhere in our building progress. Pretty tidy and amazing now. Good job!
  13. ghosthunters

    Just a Couple More

    Your builds look amazing ... neat and tidy.
  14. ghosthunters


    Looks like a dandy for sure
  15. ghosthunters

    sleeping deer

    Nice little video and real nice buck
  16. ghosthunters


    Nice looking moose
  17. ghosthunters

    Subdivision Buck

    Interesting horn configuration..
  18. Outstanding pictures. Nice big bucks and super yote picture.
  19. ghosthunters

    Bear baiting pics 08-26-2017

    Great round of bears. Keep them coming.
  20. Finally got some cams out. The pictures are from FS7 and an FS3. The night picture had a remote baby slave paired with it to get that flash. The FS3 is set up at an old scrape from last year and the FS7 is set up at a well used trail through the bush. These mule deer will do some growing yet. Daryl
  21. Was a long time coming but I have been trying all year (2016) to capture a bull elk on my homebrew SZ02 video cam. Was pleasantly rewarded with 14 bulls all at once today in 2017. https://vimeo.com/206795499
  22. ghosthunters

    I'm alive!

    Hey Paul ... sometimes ones life goes in to many directions at once. No biggy. Finally got a whack of cams out and hope to post some stills and videos soon. I too was finding a hard time to keep up but found a few spare weeks to put out cams and catch up on the forums. Daryl
  23. ghosthunters

    Hawk Micro-Pro Camera Mount

    They look very interesting and like the many angles a person can achieve.
  24. I now will have more opportunities in 2017. I have built a couple SZ7 to go with the SZ02 I already have. Piles of work to build the video cams but give a different perspective to trail cams and another reason to be out there.