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  1. moose

    Nice bull....... No snow? Is the date stamp correct?
  2. Sw Minnesota trail cam pics 10-29--2017

    Bucks are starting to scent mark for the rut. Nice big fat yote
  3. Best soldier iron

    Thanks for the reply jdh
  4. Back Yard Deer

    Looks like that setup has plenty of flash power. I can see that it is daylight through the trees in the background.
  5. Wireless/wifi Trail Cam Build?

    gdgros, at this stage I am only qualified to read and learn, this is all new to me and enjoyable reading after a day's work .
  6. bear in barel

    Works for me nice video
  7. Best soldier iron

    Thanks appreciate the reply
  8. Best soldier iron

    Did a search for this title and nothing resulted. I am sure the question must have been asked before. Just want opinions on this please. Or any other revelant requirements necessary in the tool to handle fine work.
  9. Wireless/wifi Trail Cam Build?

    Great topic, I am reading with much enthusiasm
  10. Problem with Little Acorn

    The problem is with TWO cams both were working perfectly now both have this exact same problem. Very strange indeed. A Little Acorn takes 4, AA batteries; two pair dropped down into the back of the cam......... I went ahead and cleaned the terminals as suggested even though there was no corrosion. Still got the problem with both. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Problem with Little Acorn

  12. Problem with Little Acorn

    I had 2 little acorns out for 2 months I pulled them (along with all my other cams) when I got back they had taken hundreds of images and were still going. Yesterday l got them out to set and I noticed the same problem with both. With formatted cards and new batteries I turn them on there's a beep as normal, the acorn flashes on the screen then instead of the menu screen appearing it turns off, as I said both are exactly the same very strange. I have tried everything even put the exact cards they last had back in them but to no avail. Any ideas?
  13. s600 flash replacement

    Ok so keen to learn........ "Initialising the camera"?
  14. Duck you probably won"t know

    Ok so that takes care of the video's maybe (depends if utube wants to behave). Now what about posting images & I don't have photo bucket. Thanks
  15. Duck you probably won"t know

    Great thanks I shall give it a go. I already have a utube channel with 15 or so videos published on it so shouldn't be difficult.