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      Thanks to all who contributed, we collected just under $500.00. I sent a check Monday (8-7-2017) to his wife for $500.00 along with a card expressing Forums condolences. 


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  1. Absolutely very exciting to me. Keep those big bull elk vids coming I say
  2. Sounds like I should get myself a smart charger? Anyone recommend one brand over the others?
  3. Awesome pics I love the birds so different
  4. Well worth the wait get camera set, that second bull that walks right by the cam is a real nice trophy.
  5. What species are they, we don't get anything like those down here
  6. Another question about rechargeable batteries, some commercial cams recommend we don't use rechargeable. Even when they are fully charged are usually only 1.2v. put 4 into a cam and that's only 4.8v not 6v. They say you need to use alkaline batteries with at least 1.5v, I have checked AA Energizer premium batteries and they are 1.7v. How is it that the hb cams run on batteries with lower voltages and the commercial ones don't?
  7. How is a smart charger different to say an eneloop charger and how does it recondition your batteries?
  8. Thanks
  9. What case is it?
  10. I have one as well (S700) and would like to know if it would be the same hack as the S600
  11. Thank you for the reply. I shall go through the list you sent in the attachment. I want to use the camera to take images of deer, I want to use a flash of a night, so I get colour images not IR. Would you be so kind and be able to list a few cameras that would be suitable for this application? Thanks again.
  12. Hello, not sure if it is done or not some forums require a new member to introduce themselves. If someone can please let me know that would be great. I am having trouble finding my way around In guess I will get the hang of it? My first question is, where is the best place to find out the plave to start to build my first cam? I cant seem to get a starting point. It seems that the Sony S600 seems to be the camera to but to get the best still images both in the day and night? I looked for them on ebay and none available so what is another good camera to buy? I can get a Sony S 700 will this work or has it got to be an S600? Anyway just a few questions and I hope someone gets back to me thanks all.