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  1. buckhuntertrailcam

    What You See, is NOT always what you get!

    Looks like the Walmart top is good, so what are the trousers like?
  2. buckhuntertrailcam

    What You See, is NOT always what you get!

    Wow l am amazed, I can't wait to see your results. I will have to check mine out too.
  3. buckhuntertrailcam

    What You See, is NOT always what you get!

    Well the only thing l see is your bright trousers.
  4. buckhuntertrailcam

    The Running Log

    Enjoyable as always please keep posting your videos.
  5. buckhuntertrailcam

    Troubleshoot LCD board

    Yes l did resolder the connections, about a month or so ago when l was initially trouble shooting. It is the newer board as it has the new chip and it does not perform the "warming up 45 seconds".
  6. buckhuntertrailcam

    Troubleshoot LCD board

    Ok I have looked it over really carefully. When I power the board on with the camera in the build it comes up "camera refresh" the camera lights up the LCD screen the lens in and out then l get "ready". So that is all normal. With walk test on l try it does not work. With walk test on, on start up it still doesn't detect motion and if I turn both off it does not snap a picture. I have checked the kill switch it is ok. Any other suggestions?
  7. buckhuntertrailcam

    Troubleshoot LCD board

    This is the board l got the PIR off of you a month or so back. I am going to have another look over it again after l finish work and l will post up here what it will and won't do.
  8. buckhuntertrailcam

    Troubleshoot LCD board

    Thanks, leave it with me l am now in the studio for the day. I will get onto it later today and get back to you in the morning - which will be evening for you.
  9. buckhuntertrailcam

    Troubleshoot LCD board

    Hey George, thanks for your reply. It was Gary who suggested I try a new PIR & he was kind enough to send me the one l tried but it didn't fix it unfortunately. Any other tests or suggestions will be greatly appreciated cheers .
  10. buckhuntertrailcam

    Troubleshoot LCD board

    I have a problem with an LCD board (SS), it fails to detect motion. I replaced the PIR but that did not fix the problem. I have checked all connectors etc. The S600 works fine outside the build. Thanks
  11. buckhuntertrailcam

    Went to the mountains

    Great to see that you are out enthusiastically hunting, your making me keen lol. Even way over hear l know that your lions are breeding up. Now you said you saw 7 lions or you got 7 on your trail cams? Because I thought lions were very, very rarely seen?
  12. buckhuntertrailcam

    A few pics - w/comm cams

    First of all, great to see that your up and "into it" George, lol. Now do l have this correct you bought 50 of those cams for $125?
  13. buckhuntertrailcam

    Back up and doin good

    I have been wondering and thinking about you George, l am glad to see you up and going again.
  14. buckhuntertrailcam

    Sw Minnesota trail cam pics 06-12-2019

    Nice round, those Wood ducks are my favourite
  15. buckhuntertrailcam

    Sw Minnesota trail cam pics 05-11-2019

    Just gotta love Wood ducks prettiest duck of all world wide