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  1. They are the only batteries to use! $2.50 each here in Australia, they last many times longerthan an alkaline battery and a rechargeable. I can put a set of 8 in one of my cameras and it take 30,000 images, yes 30 thousand and last 2 years.
  2. To attach files (images) at the bottom of the page next to the paper clip click on "Add Files" click on "my files" choose either "sd card" or "internal storage" choose you image provided it is no more 250kb's you can post it straight away, if not you will need to downsize.
  3. I suggest you put this post on Camtrapper, Jeff (the admin.) will definitely have the answer.
  4. Don't know about the SS1. The bigfoot board runs off 3 x 1.5 batteries (4.5v), l have used 3 x 1.7v batteries (energizer lithium) = 5.1v and it is fine. The SS2 uses a 3.6v battery, but it can be converted to 3 x 1.5v. Mobile phone batteries that l have played around with are 3.85v. Hope this helps and as been previously mentioned Gary may see this if not you might want to send him an email.
  5. You could try these two suppliers, R.C. Davis Game Solutions or Snapshot Sniper. Both have websites by those names.
  6. Six more days and it will be 2021, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
  7. The Pelican 1040 case is plenty big enough for a Gamewatcher board, the camera, the switch and the 3 AA batteries to run the board. There's room in the lid for 2 banks of AA's for externals. You need a switch to turn the board on and off. Some put the switch in the case others have the switch sticking out the bottom of the case so they can switch the board on AFTER closing the case. Further you can use the Safari board (R.C. Davis) if you wish to add accessories like a slave flash etc. Also if you want a versatile board with lots of programme choices like multiple images etc then ch
  8. Snapshot sniper and R.C. Davis Game Solutions. Both have a website using those names.
  9. Great to hear from you George, l wondered about you a few times when l visited this forum over the past year. Great that you are ok and sad after reading your story. I look forward to your videos.
  10. I can see the little red numeral in the top right of my screen but can't get it to open. What is happening with this forum lately?
  11. Hello, not sure if it is done or not some forums require a new member to introduce themselves. If someone can please let me know that would be great. I am having trouble finding my way around In guess I will get the hang of it? My first question is, where is the best place to find out the plave to start to build my first cam? I cant seem to get a starting point. It seems that the Sony S600 seems to be the camera to but to get the best still images both in the day and night? I looked for them on ebay and none available so what is another good camera to buy? I can get a Sony S 700 will this work
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